Wonderfully Practical Gift Ideas For Newborns – And Their Parents! 

Wonderfully Practical Gift Ideas For Newborns

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When a friend or relative welcomes a new baby into the family, it’s a wonderful time for everyone. Chances are, you’ll want to make yourself as useful and helpful as possible to the new parents, offering to make dinners, run errands or watch the newborn while they catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Another way you can celebrate the arrival of an infant, whilst offering a helping hand, is by treating the family and their new arrival to some practical gifts. Gifts like the ones below can help make parenting a little easier and keep baby happy too. So, read on for some wonderfully practical gift ideas for newborns – and their parents!

Toys For Baby

Even from an early age, babies are constantly learning, they’re developing their cognitive and fine motor skills. They also need to be stimulated and occupied between all those feeds! Having plenty of interesting toys and playthings around will help to keep baby happy and give the parents a chance to catch up on the housework or enjoy some peace and quiet! You’ll find a range of wonderful toys for boys and girls available at wickeduncle.com, click the link to find out more.

Stroller Gloves

Having a newborn at home can be pretty hectic, which is why mothers and fathers need to get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air, regularly. During those cold winter months, getting plenty of fresh air and daylight is even more crucial, however, the freezing temperatures may tempt most parents to stay indoors. Gifting them a set of stroller gloves means that everyone can stay warm and dry on those wintery walks. Not only are they soft and waterproof, but the thick insulation also means they’re windproof too. Stroller gloves attach directly onto the handle of your stroller so parents don’t have to worry about finding missing gloves or wet hands!

Pacifier Thermometer

Today, our health is more important than ever, and being able to monitor your baby’s temperature is essential. Frustratingly, traditional thermometers aren’t always the easiest way to get the numbers you need. Which is why a pacifier thermometer is the next best thing! Both parents and baby will appreciate this stress-free and easier approach – you simply pop it into your baby’s mouth and wait for the results.

A Video Monitor

If you have a bit more of a budget, then why not choose something with safety in mind? A video monitor will not only give new parents peace of mind, but the baby can also hear familiar voices through the two-way system, providing comfort and reassurance day or night. This gift is also ideal for when the baby becomes mobile, as it can be positioned to watch the baby as they crawl, toddle and shuffle around the home.

And Finally, A Baby Sleeping Bag

These clever little sleeping solutions ensure that even as a baby moves throughout the night, they’re kept snug, warm and safe. You can choose the tog and the size and it’s a much safer option than traditional blankets that could cover the baby’s face.

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