Why Do People Stutter? This Is What You Need to Know

why do people stutter

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Do you have people in your life who struggle with a stutter? Do you yourself struggle with stuttering?

why do people stutter

Well, you’re not alone. Over three million people in the United States alone have a stutter. But what causes stuttering? Why do people stutter? Let’s find out.


One of the simplest causes of stuttering is just shyness. Many shy kids stutter as a reflex if they get nervous in social situations. In these cases, the stuttering usually acts as a coping device. The majority of these kids outgrow their stutter as they age.

However, if stuttering still happens as an adult, there’s likely a different underlying issue happening. Let’s go through some of the other factors that may cause stuttering.


Stress and other factors within a family can also cause stuttering, especially with children or adults who previously struggled with a stutter. If a traumatic event has happened recently, like a divorce, a child may begin to stutter.

Or, if someone is in a high-stress situation, they may fall back into their previous stutter. Stutters caused by emotional distress may fade with time, but they are likely better addressed by both talk and speech therapy.


There is some evidence that suggests stuttering can be genetic for some people. Studies have found genetic mutations that seem to influence stuttering, including among children and adults who continue to stutter.

If you have a family history of stuttering and have a child who stutters, it’s important to get your child into speech therapy early to treat their stutter, if possible. Early intervention can help prevent stuttering from continuing into adulthood.

Adults who struggle with stuttering may want to look into stuttering therapy treatment, which may help address their problem and reduce their stuttering.

Brain Injury

Some injuries to the brain can cause stuttering. Strokes, for example, can injure speech centers of the brain and cause a person to stutter. Traumatic brain injuries, like the ones incurred in football, can also cause a stutter. Some diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease or meningitis, may also come stuttering.

These forms of stuttering are the most difficult to address since they are linked to a greater underlying issue. These sorts of stutters should be addressed with neurologists and other healthcare professionals as they occur.

Why Do People Stutter? Many Reasons!

There are many factors that can explain the question, “why do people stutter?” It’s important to understand what can cause a stutter, in order to try and address the underlying issue causing the speech impairment and treat both the symptom and the cause effectively.

If you are worried that your child has a stutter, you should take them to your primary care doctor or other healthcare professional before worrying too much. In most cases, stuttering can be treated easily with therapy. Just do your research and talk to your doctors!

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