baby acne

Why Do Babies Get Baby Acne?

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Believe it or not, babies are prone to baby acne. It’s kind of unbelievable since they are born with wonderful skin, but babies do have problems with their skin. The skin, even baby’s skin, is sensitive to all kinds of toxins. Some of them are even in the very air we breathe.

baby acne

There are toxins caused from smog, pollutants, and chemicals that travel through the air. You and your baby breathe them in. These toxins try to work their way out of the body through any means necessary. One of the ways out of the body is through the skin. It’s why some people have pimples, blemishes, and even acne. Babies are more susceptible to acne, pimples, and blemishes.


Not because of their skin, but because their digestive and immune system doesn’t work properly for the first few months of the lives. It takes time for their little bodies to adjust to foods. Since their digestive track doesn’t digest properly, the toxins in their body is pushed out through the skin. Hence, baby acne. It’s the body’s way of detoxifying.

Sometimes, babies are born with acne. These breakouts are caused by the mother’s hormones or they can be passed to the baby when the mother is nursing. Whatever you eat is passed to your baby when you’re breast feeding. If you eat too much fatty foods, the fat will travel to the baby. Since their digestive system can break the fat down, their little bodies try to get rid of it through the skin.  It causes baby acne. It’s not dangerous and you don’t need any antibiotic or creams, but they can make your baby fussy since they can and will itch and break open if you’re not careful.

Most of the times you can use natural heal aids such as herbal remedies. If you drink a tea with a teaspoon of honey and a half a teaspoon of lemon juice, if you’re nursing, the healing power will transfer to the baby through the milk. Otherwise, you can wash the baby’s skin with soft soap and keep some baby lotion on hand to soothe the affected area. A last resort would be acne light therapy. Whatever you do, don’t use benzoyl peroxide on your baby’s skin. It a very harsh chemical and your baby’s skin is very sensitive. You can leave scars if the acne is on the heavy side.

The best way to care for baby acne is to let the baby’s body take care of it. Keep your baby clean with soft soap and water and it will heal on its own. The more you fuss with it, the worse it can be for your baby. Breaking open the pimples will only cause your baby pain and suffering as their little bodies try to heal the acne.

Why Do Babies Get Baby Acne