Why Choosing the Right Sperm Donor is Important

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The decision to have a child is a big choice in itself, but when faced with sperm donation you have even more decisions to make. There are many options for sperm donation, whether you use and anonymous donor, or one whom you know personally, the genetic traits you wish for…and so on. In order to make the best possible decision for you, your partner (if applicable), and potential offspring, is to be aware of all the things that you need to consider when making this life changing choice. By being well informed you can ward of any potential problems that could have been easily avoided, and be aware of those that could arise.

A donor you know…
Some people opt to have a person whom they are familiar with as the donor. This can be an okay decision in most cases but there are something’s that you need to consider before going this route.
● Fresh sperm has not undergone the rigorous testing for sexually transmitted diseases and infectious diseases like a frozen specimen has. By law a sperm bank must test the donor samples at separate interval to ensure there is no infection such as HIV which can lay dormant for a time.
● Be familiar with any donor/insemination laws and regulations in your state. There are ins and outs to the law that may not protect you in the way that you would assume. For instance, in some states lesbian couples are not protected under the laws that would protect a heterosexual couple. It’s not fair, but it’s true. Also, if the donor is going to still be known to the child and be a part of the child’s life, his paternal rights may not be nullified as you would assume. This is why it is best to speak to a lawyer who can decipher these laws and draw up a contract to protect you, the donor, and the resulting offspring.
Although it may seem like the most comfortable situation, having a donor whom you know may not be as safe as you initially believed.

Anonymous donors…
An anonymous donor, whose semen is obtained through a licensed and regulated cryobank is the safest route for acquiring sperm. This is especially true for same sex couples as currently anonymous donors are not granted any parental rights by law.

In the case of an anonymous donor, they will not show up on your doorstep because they are provided with little to no information regarding the person who receives their specimen. Some donors may opt to leave contact information on file that is accessible to offspring once they are 18, but that is at the child’s discretion. In some cases where the child has questions regarding the donor to whom they are genetically related, this can be a good thing.

Selecting a donor…
Selecting a donor is hard work and you will definitely want to consider more than just how they look in a picture. At a cryobank there will be access to information regarding medical history, family conditions, interests and personality. All these will be factors that you need to consider. Some people liken picking a donor to picking a mate, which is not a far stretch of the mind by any means. When selecting a partner we choose someone who embodies traits that we love, the same is true when selecting a donor. The exception would be that with a donor you will want to consider their family medical history in order to hopefully minimize the risks of any genetically transferable issues and conditions.

The beauty of sperm donors is that you have your chance to pick your perfect match. If you would like more information about donating, acquiring sperm, or would like to begin the process of selecting a donor, contact the California Cryobank Their competent staff will see you through the process and aid you in finding the donor of your dreams.