Why Breast Feeding is Better than Formula

If you’re new to parenting and would like to be in the know-how of taking care of your kids, you might have run into a big question that bothers most moms today: Do I breastfeed or use formula? Although if you want to use formula out of necessity, there is no problem with that.

Woman Breastfeeding

However though, doctors and medical professionals would advise you to stick with breastfeeding, as it has tons of benefits not only for your child, but for you as well. Here are some of the advantages one gains out of breast nourishment.

First off, let’s talk about nutritional value. There is no doubt about the fact that the nutrition a baby gets from breast milk is significantly greater than formula. This is because it is much easier to digest, thus, making more nutrients accrued at a faster rate. The presence of natural antibodies also promotes the baby’s resistance and immunity against sickness and distress. Not only is your baby healthy, he or she is also strong versus the several illnesses that may haunt mothers night after night in worry. Aside from nutrition, it has been found that breast milk actually improves brain development. Research shows that the IQ of breastfed children can be higher than those fed with formula.

The exercise of breastfeeding itself can also benefit moms. Studies confirmed that parents in the act of nourishment for six months will regain their lost figure faster than those who opt to use formula, says the energy bracelet maker at LifeStrength.com. An extra 500 calories a day is actually burned in the process as well. Additionally, breastfeeding can lead to lower blood pressures and calmer states – a trait important in caring for your infant.

Lastly (and arguably the most important) is the establishment of a connection or bond with your child. You may strengthen your baby’s immune system some other way, or you may find some exercise regimens to stay in shape, but you will never quite replicate the bond made during the breastfeeding phase. The bond actually stems from the mother holding the child, which can help expedite his development. The act of breastfeeding also allows a chemical called Oxytocin to be released, which reduces stress significantly. So, not only would you have quality bonding time with the baby, you can also keep the stress levels to a minimum.

There might be several opinions about what route you can take to fully nourish your baby and yourself. You’re free to choose which one is the most convenient for you. But now that you are knowledgeable of the facts behind breastfeeding, you can now make an informed decision on whether or not you will utilize breastfeeding as your baby’s primary source of nourishment.

Is Breastfeeding Better Than Bottle Feeding?