What To Do When Your Child Gets Their Tooth Knocked Out

Kid showing baby teeth

It is every parent’s worst nightmare when their child gets hurt. It is in our instincts to run over to our child and hug them and say “Everything will be okay.” Should it be like this in every injury scenario? For example, what if your child gets their tooth knocked out? I’m not talking about an already loose tooth that had plans on coming out in a couple of days. I am talking about a tooth that is either permanent or is not supposed to come out for another year or two. What do you do in this situation to make sure their dental health is maintained? Here are three things you must do to ensure that this emergency issue is properly resolved.

#1: Take care of the tooth.

After consoling your child, it’s important to find the tooth and rinse it with milk to clean it off. If you act quickly, you might be able to save the tooth. Do not scrub the tooth, as scrubbing can result in damaged pieces of tissue. Also only touch the crown of the tooth. Keep the roots as clean as possible. Store the tooth in a clean container of milk, and do not wrap it in paper towel or allow it to dry; in order for it to reattach, it needs to be moist.

#2: Rinse your child’s mouth with salt water.

As it is expected that your child’s gums will be bleeding with a knocked out tooth, fill a glass with water and add two to four tablespoons of salt to the glass water. Let your child gargle the salt water at least five times. This will sooth the swollen gums.

#3: Take your child to an emergency dentist.

As mentioned before, a knocked out tooth may be able to be reattached by a dentist. Taking your child to an emergency dentist like Smile Makers Dental is essential in this situation. The dentist will perform X-rays to check for any other injuries. If your child lost a baby tooth, however, it may not be wise to replace it because this can cause damage to the permanent tooth growing in. In this case, the dentist may insert a space maintainer in your child’s mouth to leave sufficient room for the permanent tooth to surface.

On the other hand, if it is a permanent tooth that was knocked out, there is a high chance that it will reattach if it is held in place for several weeks. Your dentist will do everything necessary for this procedure. In worse case scenarios, if the permanent tooth does not reattach, an implant or a bridge may be recommended.

A dislocated tooth that has been knocked out is an extremely serious issue. That is why immediately taking the right steps will ensure that the situation is resolved in the best way. Your child’s knocked out tooth is a frightening time for everyone, but keeping calm and following these three steps will ultimately get your child’s life back to normal.