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Traditional Baby Hammocks Trump Conventional Cradles

Handmade Baby Hammock, Hanging Crib, Hanging Cradle

What babies love the most is being in the arms of their parents; it makes them feel safe. But being in hammock is also very pleasant and relaxing for a baby. The swinging motion of a baby hammock allows babies to reach a higher level of relaxation and to sleep deeper compared to sleeping on a conventional cradle. According to a study made by the University of Geneva in Switzerland, sleeping with the swing of a hammock increases the slow oscillations and the sleep axis, which allow the transition between superficial and deep sleep and a better memory consolidation.

The slow movement of a hammock can be very relaxing and pleasant for your baby and that way he or she will be much more quiet, that way you’ll be able to relax as well. You’ll be able to do your house chores while your baby rests. Moms all over the world have used baby hammocks for decades as alternative method of relaxation and rest for their children. They are safe, comfortable and easy to install in various places around the house.

One of my favorite baby hammocks is this Traditional Mexican Baby Hammock sold on Etsy.

They are hand made by Mexican artisans on a great variety of colors. You can install your hammock using a C-stand or on the ceiling of your house. I love that these hammocks are very easy to clean and store. You can fold it and save it very easily and it won’t take a lot of space on your closet.

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