Top 5 Sewing Projects for Your Newborn

Top 5 Sewing Projects for Your Newborn

Near the end of her pregnancy, most mothers experience some sort of nesting phase. For some, this phase involves cleaning everything imaginable in the home in preparation for the baby’s arrival. For others, it involves making sure that they have everything they will need to properly care for their newborn, even if it means sewing up a few last minute items. A few sewing projects in particular are popular among expectant mothers anxiously awaiting their bundles of joy.

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Newborn Hat

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Newborn hospital hat with bow

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When babies leave the comfort of the womb, the temperature change can be drastic to them. This is why nurses throw a soft, knit fabric hat on them immediately. Hospitals often use the same old blue and pink striped, solid baby blue, or soft pink fabric. Newborn hats are so easy to sew and customize with fun prints. Using less than 1/4 of a yard of knit fabric, Jess, of “If Only They Would Nap,” offers a free newborn hat pattern for a quick sew.

Burp Cloths

Baby Boy Burp Cloths - Set of 7 - Baby Shower Gift - Baby Gift
Baby Boy Burp Cloths

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Babies can be messy eaters right from the beginning. Burp cloths are incredibly handy to have for each feeding, not only for catching the milk that dribbles out as they eat but also to absorb what comes back up! Amber at “Crazy Little Projects” has a great tutorial for sewing up some simple, but cute, baby burp cloths. This tutorial uses any quilting cotton for one side and cloth diapers for the other, making them ultra-absorbent. This is an easy project for a beginner seamstress, but one that will get a lot of use.

Car Seat Canopy

Girl Carseat Canopy, Car Seat Canopy, Carseat Cover, Baby Girl, Grey Gray Charcoal Chevron, White Chevron, Light Pink Minky
Girl Carseat Canopy

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In cold winter months, it’s daunting to take the baby anywhere for fear that they will not stay adequately warm in their car seat. Sewing up an adorable car seat canopy is an easy solution. Not only does a car seat canopy help to keep heat in the car seat but it also protects baby from the elements. Abby, from the blog “Sew Much Ado,” has a wonderful tutorial for sewing a beautiful gathered car seat canopy. It is important to remember that car seat manufacturers warn against attaching any other products to car seats when they are in use in a vehicle for safety reasons. So, while a car seat canopy is perfect for transporting baby to the car and back, use your best judgement when the vehicle is in motion.

Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket - Minky Baby Blanket - Girls Baby Blanket - Mint Gold Baby Blanket - Black White Baby Blanket - Baby Shower Gift
Handmade Baby Blanket

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All mothers want to wrap their infant up in special blankets while they are little. Usually, those blankets continue to be treasured by not only mom, but also baby, as they get older. One type of blanket that will stand the test of time and toddlerhood is the fleece blanket.

Angel at “Fleece Fun” offers an excellent tutorial using fleece fabric and satin binding. This tutorial is a great beginner project. Use a fabric cutting machine to cut your panels. Babies love the feel of soft fleece and smooth satin.


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Organic baby leggings

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Whether your newborn has chubby thighs or long and lean legs, they’ll need something to keep them covered no matter what time of year they are born. Ashley at “Make It & Love It” can show you how to use a store-bought pair of leggings to create the perfect super simple leggings pattern. By using a stretchy knit fabric from a fabric store or upcycling an old t-shirt or skirt of your own, your baby can be kept delightfully cozy in a pair of unique, designed-by-you leggings.

Sewing for your newborn is a rewarding experience. It is a big help to pass the time when you are due any day, especially with your first baby. When it’s your second, you are anxious to make them something that isn’t a hand-me-down, already terribly destroyed by their older sibling. Turn on your sewing machine and get to work creating something that is sure to one day be a great reminder of their first days in your arms.

Top 5 Sewing Projects for Your Newborn