Too Cute for Words: Five Steps to Creating the Perfect Nursery before Bringing Home Baby

Baby room

One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy and preparing for children is procuring a dreamy nursery for your unborn child. Not only is it fun to create a space where your baby will learn and grow, but getting things into place increases your excitement for the little one’s arrival. If you are ready to create a nursery that is too cute for words, following the following five steps in preparation for bringing baby home.

Select a theme

Before you start to think about color schemes, furniture or decorations, it can be helpful to pick a theme. Choosing a theme first allows you to visualize how you’d like the final product to look. Themes also give you an idea of what kind of furnishings to look for. Having a theme serves as a blueprint of sorts, ensuring that your nursery looks like a cohesive whole as opposed to a random assortment. While it is popular these days to choose a strong theme like nautical, jungle, or ballerinas, remember that this room won’ always be a nursery. You can go for an obvious theme, or just pick décor elements or colors you like to create a theme that will guide your project.

Choose your Colors

Gone are the days of generic blue and pink. The nursery should be an inviting, comforting space. To avoid an overwhelming color scheme, you should try to stick with two or three similar colors that go with, rather than match, each other. Dove gray and soft corals are becoming increasingly popular in nurseries right now.

Picking a Crib

The crib is undoubtedly the focal point of the room, not to mention it where your baby will spend much of his/her time. If there is a piece to splurge on, this is it. If cost is a concern, look for cribs that can be converted into toddler beds later on. This option means you’ll get the most possible use out of your purchase. According to the professionals at the Baby Furniture Warehouse Store who specialize in children’s furniture in Boston, it is always a good idea to measure the nursery before crib shopping to ensure that you get the correct size for the space.

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The Changing Table

The changing table is a necessity in the nursery. A good recommendation is to look for a changing table with ample storage, to help reduce the need for additional storage containers. Not only will extra storage allow you to keep things off the floor, but this also gives you the option of using the changing table even when your child isn’t in diapers anymore.

Finishing Touches

You’ve covered the basics and laid the foundation for your dream nursery. All that’s left is the details. This is the time to really let your creativity flow, and add personal touches. Play with lights, textures and accessories to pull the room together, and be sure to include items and images that create a loving and familiar environment for your child. Whether you add wall lettering that spells their name, or frame a few pictures of mom and dad or grandparents, those personal touches will improve the nursery’s look tenfold.

Follow these simple steps and you will create a nursery to be proud of. The most important part of this designing process is to have fun with it and to remember to pick things you love. Congratulations on the new addition, happy decorating!