Tips for Encouraging Simultaneous Twin Slumber

twin babies sleeping

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Some say you’re in for double the fun, others double the trouble and others say you’d better be braced for both! Whichever way you look at it though, twins bring along their own unique joys, delights and challenges which in most instances cannot be predicted or planned for. The trouble is, it can sometimes be tricky to keep the good times in mind when finding it nigh-on impossible to get crying twins to sleep at the same time and break something of a 24 hour sleepless cycle for mum and dad.

twin babies sleeping

The good news however is that multiple studies and general surveys of new parents have brought to light a series of ways and means by which the process can be made so much easier, or at least possible. Consider the following, which comprises my personal favorite’s I’ve found can make all the difference in the world and bring the kind of peace and quiet you might have forgotten exists:

Establish a Routine

Try any get yourself into the habit of practicing the most idyllic, soothing and sleepy bedtime routine involving both of your twins at the same time. Include plenty of cuddles, quiet words, a warm bath, back rubs, bedtime stories and so on – all of which will help ensure restful sleep. You might find yourself fighting a few battles in the early days, but stick with the routine consistently and chances are it will catch on and work a treat – deviate at your peril!

Use Swaddling

Swaddling is a custom that has been used for thousands of years for one simple reason – it works! Organic baby clothes and blankets are ok, but when you swaddle a baby in a soft wrapping it creates a feeling of warmth, safety and security the likes of which are essential for good sleep. And even better is the use of one of your t-shirts or a piece of your own bedding that carries your scent.

Use One Crib

Twin babies take enormous comfort in physical contact and being as close of possible with one another. Generally speaking, experts advise that for the first three months twins should use the same crib for sleeping, where they will interact, cuddle up and even suck each other’s thumbs, which is frankly as adorable as it gets. When the time comes to separate, be sure to place the cribs close to each-other and within clear view.

Go to Angry Baby Second

If one of the little darlings is less cooperative, be sure to go against your better judgement and tend to the quiet, relaxed baby first. The simple reason is the way in which you will probably have to spend much longer calming the screamer, therefore risk leaving your cooperative child waiting too long for the minor attention he/she needs to nod off.

Go with the Flow

Another key tips from experts is to remember that young twins will for the most part share the same needs, patterns, habits and so on which you yourself should nurture. For your sake and theirs therefore, should one of the pair wake up in the night for a feeding, wake the other to ensure the sleeping and feeding pattern is shared.

Spoiled Rotten

Last but not least, don’t hold back when it comes to lavishing your twins with attention during the day, giving them plenty of hands-on contact and allowing them to suck whenever you think it will help. There’s a time and a place to begin weaning your little lovelies away from dummies and so on, but the early days are certain not them!