Tips For Choosing Safe Toys For Toddlers

Tips For Choosing Safe Toys For Toddlers

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Tips For Choosing Safe Toys For Toddlers

Toys play a vital role in the development of our kids. If in the past there weren’t a lot of options out there, nowadays parents can find millions of toys for their little ones. They come in different shapes and sizes and represent different heroes and princesses. Even though it is important to choose toys that are appropriate for your kids, it is much more important to choose items that allow a safe development. Parents know that they are directly responsible for the safety of their toddlers. Therefore, they need to pick items that are flame resistant, easy to clean and contain non-toxic materials. These are just a few important aspects that all parents need to keep in mind when picking toys for their toddlers.

Nevertheless, a lot of kids are treated each year in hospital for injuries caused by toys. Toddlers and babies don’t understand the risks that some toys can have on them. For that reason, parents need to examine the toys carefully that their kids are playing with and make sure that they are safe from all points of view. In order to eliminate all kinds of risks that might appear while playing with toys, parents are advised to supervise their kids at all times.

Read the Label

When picking a toy for a toddler, it is important to read the label first. It can give important information about the ages that a certain toy is safe for and how to use it. When doing so, parents can also find information about different materials that those items contain and make sure that they are non-toxic. Little kids need to play with toys that are appropriate for their age. As choking is a particular risk for kids under the age of 3, it is essential to avoid toys that have removable parts. At a first glance, some stuffed toys seem to have parts that are irremovable, but they actually are. For example, stuffed toys with marble or glass eyes are not safe for kids.

Last but not least, parents need to remember that labels that determine the age are there for a reason. Consequently, toys need to be bought in accordance with the age of the children. Just because a kid seems smarter and able to play with an older game that does not mean that it’s safe for them.

Avoid Battery Operated Toys

Living in a modern world that is moving very fast might make parents think that their toddlers need to live a battery operated life. The general safety is one of the most important factors to remember in this case. Besides that, battery operated toys tend to be more expensive and require a lot more maintenance. As already mentioned before, small removable parts and batteries represent a serious choking hazard for toddlers. On the other hand, most battery operated toys tend to leak battery acid from time to time. Thus, battery operated toys can create serious problems for your kid’s health. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the battery panel is closed at all times and checked as often as possible, or even better, avoid battery operated toys for toddlers.

Most of the time toys that include batteries tend to be made out of plastic. In order to make sure that those toys are safe for their kids, parents need to purchase high-quality items. When examining toys for safety, parents need to be careful at the seams. Toys that seem shoddily sewn are not safe for toddlers. Low-quality stuffed toys are unsafe for kids because babies might choke on the soft stuffing.

Avoid Sharp Edges & Points

Toys that are made of plastic or glass can break easily, exposing sharp edges. Wood or metal toys might have sharp edges due to their poor construction. At the same time, even stuffed toys can have sharp points sometimes. Stuffed toys that represent animals, such as a goat, might have sharp horns. Small kids and toddlers might jam them in their eye and impair their vision. In this case, parents need to seek medical care. Yet, these kinds of accidents can take place at all times. Patients can get support thanks to After Hours Medical Answering Services for Doctors. They deliver medical messages with accuracy and in real time.

Toddlers should never play with old or broken toys. Broken toys can expose sharp points. At the same time, pins and small accessories can puncture the skin of small kids. Even a simple stuffed teddy can cut or stab the sensitive skin of toddlers. Then again, old toys from older brothers or relatives are more likely to be deteriorated and not meet the current safety standards. They might be worn and break open very quickly.

Avoid Toys that make Loud Noises

Thanks to the development of technology, people can find a lot of toys on the market that are meant to help kids improve their learning skills. Some play songs, some read the alphabet, some read a bedtime story and so on so forth. At the same time, it is important to keep in mind the fact that loud noises might damage the hearing of toddlers. When purchasing such a toy, parents need to test it in advance. If the sound of a toy hurts or causes ringing in the ears, you should avoid it at all costs.

Unfortunately, a lot of people all over the globe are suffering from hearing loss due to loud noises. An even worse aspect is the fact that small kids that are constantly exposed to loud noises begin to think that loud sounds are normal. According to specialists, the maximum level of noise that a child can be exposed to is 85 decibels. In order to make sure that kids are protected from toys that are too loud, it is important to check whether they have a volume control or a switch. One has to understand that toddlers appreciate both plain and special toys.  

In conclusion, when picking kids for toys, parents need to make sure that they are safe. Infants and toddlers’ toys need to be picked with extra care in order to ensure their overall well-being and balanced development.