What’s the best time of year to have a baby?

Maternity Dresses from Shabby Apple
Deciding when the best time for your baby to born isn’t an easy process; however after much consideration, I have chosen spring (specifically May) as the best birth month for a baby. Stick with me as I talk you through my winding thought process.

First Trimester of a Spring (May) baby

• May babies are conceived sometime in August, so for the most part you will not have to deal with the extreme heat of summer during your pregnancy. BIG PLUS! You can bundle up to get warm in the winter; however in the heat of summer, there is not much relief to high heat and humidity.

• Fall is a beautiful time of year and hopefully this will inspire some fun designs in beginning to plan the nursery.

Second Trimester of a Spring (May) baby

• You are going to look adorable in your holiday maternity dresses! During the holidays, you will finally be showing a nice decent baby bump and you will be the center of attention during the parties. (While you cannot indulge in the bubbly, feel free to ask for the lemon lime soda is your champagne flute. It’s bubbly…)

• After the holidays, you will have some time to knit a few booties or hats for the baby. This is a fun winter activity.

Third Trimester of a Spring (May) baby

• As you grow closer to the due date, nesting will begin to set in right in the midst of spring cleaning. You house will be immaculate for your little bundle of joy.

• Spring is the season that all of nature (and what feels like the world) is coming back to life. What a perfect time to welcome your baby!

Spring babies have great birthdays because is it far enough away from the holidays that they do not have to sacrifice any presents for the other day. Spring is also nice because they are still in school; as summer babies always miss out on school birthday parties with lots of friends around. Yes, spring babies really do have the best birthdays!

Mary is a stay at home mom who enjoys writing on various pregnancy related topics such as how to have a baby (it’s more complicated than you think: there’s a conception calculator for example 🙂

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