The Perfect Gift: 5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Young One A Scooter

Child on Scooter

In today’s world of ever-changing technology, gadgets and gizmos galore are what are on most children’s “want” list.  Most parents struggle with a good compromise between letting their children have fun and guiding them into learning about exercise and a healthy lifestyle.  Scooters are a perfect balance used around the world.

Scooters have been around for over one hundred years as basic means of transportation, being designed simply with a board, a roller skate wheel, and a handle.  The first motorized one, the Vespa, was invented in 1947 in Europe as a way to get around after World War II.  

Since then, they have undergone many cosmetic changes, but the basics remain the same, and they are more popular today than ever with children and adults.

Why are scooters a great toy for your child?

  1. First and foremost, scooters give your child physical exercise.  The skill to riding a scooter is very simple and can be taught young.  From there, the freedom and excitement of the ride encourages further activity, and you can always find a scooter that fits your style and size.  Getting one for your child and one for yourself promotes bonding and exercise for you both. Hopping on your scooter to run that half a block – or even mile long – errand, and being able to bring your child with you, is a healthy way to have fun.
  2.  Scooters help the environment.  When you decide to use your scooter to run that errand, not only are you helping your body, you are also helping the earth.  Scooters don’t emit toxic fumes, use non-renewable resources, or cause traffic accidents and congestion. Teaching your child this while you are scooting together begins to teach them the importance of conservation.
  3.  You have a wide variety to choose from at an affordable cost.  Scooters have come a long way from the basic wheel, board, handle variation, although those are still around and are much more cosmetically appealing.  But now, you can choose from the basic “scoot” version or the newer electric variety. Scooters for kids have been continuing to gain in popularity, and design has kept up with the changing demand.  Regardless of your choice, buying your child a scooter likely won’t break the bank, either, since most scooters range from $50 – $500.
  4.  You can give your child independence in a safe way.  Letting your child push themselves on their scooter teaches them many developing skills, such as balance and force, as well as steering and stopping.  It also allows them the ability to go where they want, even under your supervision, letting them spread their wings in a controlled environment. Scooters by nature are not built for high speeds and if you fall, you won’t go far.  Wearing helmets and knee pads are always recommended.
  5.  You are teaching your child healthy lifestyle habits.  From the foundational love of the outdoors to the knowledge that they don’t need a television, phone or video game to keep them entertained, you are instilling in your child important values that they will take with them as they grow into independent thinkers.  

Scooters: The Perfect Gift

There is no guilt sitting in the back of your head when you buy your child a scooter.  There’s no internal battle waging when you let them play on it, either. You know they are having fun and getting exercise while learning fundamental skills.  A scooter truly is the perfect gift.