The Best Way to Organise Baby Boy Clothes

Baby Boy Clothes

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It goes with no doubt that your baby boy clothes are probably more than what an adult owns. Your baby’s clothes are not only many but also tiny, and organising them tends to be hectic. You find that a big drawer has swallowed many tiny clothes that you cannot tell where to find what cloth. Worry no more! We are here for you. To save you from some parenting hassle, we have come up with tips you can use to organise your baby boy’s clothes. Baby Boy ClothesEmbrace order for your baby’s clothes with these simple tips;

Add an extra Rail in the Closet

Your little boy’s clothes are mainly short and do not necessarily need a huge hanging space like adult clothes. Adding an extra hanging rail creates more hanging space and also leaves space for the storage of extras such as toys, baby oils, and diapers.

Use Closet Dividers

Babies outgrow clothes really fast, and closet dividers help you organise them in terms of months. For the many Petit Bateau clothes that you have stocked for your baby, you may separate them with closet dividers that indicate months, for example, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, etc. this makes it easy to know which clothes the baby has outgrown.

Use Clever Cloth Clips

Clever clips help to keep your baby’s two-piece or three-piece outfits together for easy retrieval. For example, you can clip your favourite fashionista’s pants with a classy shirt from Petit Bateau.

Hang Baby Shoes on a Hanging Rail

Sounds funny, but it’s a hack worth trying. To avoid losing one shoe from your favourite pair, you can add a suspension rod in the available space within your baby’s closet. You can then use curtain rings to suspend your little man’s shoe from the rod.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Drawer Dividers

If your budget does not allow you to go for the pricey chest of drawers, you can implement one yourself. The DIY drawer dividers require some cardboards and paper covers. You use them to divide your large drawer into sizes of your choice suitable for the storage of your baby’s clothes.

Hook-up Technique

This aims at maximizing your storage area. You can get some hooks and place them at convenient spots within the baby’s closet. Hang soft baskets from the hooks and then store baby essentials such as diapers, baby oils, and toys.

Use Cast-off Bins

Be sure to leave some space within your kid’s closet for the cast-off bins. You may have two or three of them with labels; let’s say outgrown or laundry. These bins prevent dirty outfits or the outgrown ones from finding their way back into the baby’s closet if properly used.

Use the Door Space

In most cases, the closet doors remain unutilised, but they can actually offer a hand in storage space. If you are short of storage space inside the closet, you may think of going vertical by using the door space where you mount some baskets and shelves. These baskets and shelves can hold tens of your baby’s tiny outfits, such as onesies, vests, mittens, bibs, hats, and socks.

Utilise the Wall space

Closets and drawers are not the only storage areas for your baby boy clothes. In their absence, you can use the space on the walls. You can add some shelves that serve as mini closets for your baby items. Additionally, you can hook up some wire baskets and clothespins that act as additional storage spaces.Organising baby boy clothes using these simple tips guarantee you orderly closets, shelves, and drawers from which you can pick an outfit in seconds. Try them out today to usher in orderliness for you and your little man.