Six Ways Men can Deal with their Partner’s Pregnancy

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Pregnant TummyPregnancy

is a very special time in any woman’s life and most men seem to enjoy that period too. For some others tough, dealing with a pregnant partner is not easy and some men cannot cope. Being blessed to have experienced that phase of life a few times already I would like to offer my advice to all males who are struggling.

This is the key factor and some men seem to do better than others. Impulsiveness and temperamental attitude is not going to help. You would need to be supportive and reasonable and ideally make no judgements. We don’t have the slightest idea what means to be pregnant not only physically but also emotionally and psychologically. Therefore, that period should not be the one to complain, argue and judge.

This is another important element and men who are able to comprehend their partner’s needs are more likely to be more helpful and supportive. A common mistake men do is comparing their partner’s behaviour with that of other pregnant women they know. This definitely is not going to help as each pregnancy is different as we are all different and hormones are affecting us in different ways. Typical questions such as why don’t you cook anymore, why do you sleep all the time, why are you crying for no reason, why are you neglecting the domestic tasks etc are a big no no!

This is not the best period to start questioning and seek for emotional support. Being strong and confident is very essential as if you let your insecurities dominate you during pregnancy, the end results will be catastrophic for all parties. Knowing well your partner is very important so you can be confident that nothing has changed in the way she’s feeling towards you. It is just a different period in her life that her priorities and needs may have changed temporarily so it’s not the end of the world.

Being calm is another virtue that is going to help. A pregnant may present various mood swings but knowing what is actually causing them shouldn’t really bring any tension. Things will settle down sooner or later as long as one of the two remains calm. And the person to get that role is you as nothing suggests that things have dramatically changed for you since your partner got pregnant.

Be Proactive
There are many things your partner may not be able to do during her pregnancy. Being proactive and take the initiative to do things that have to be done is going to make things easier for both. Don’t take anything for granted and what used to happen before may slightly change. You need to be prepared to put more effort than before so it won’t hurt anyone of you have time to do anything to ease her with the daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, shopping etc.

Indulge Her
As we all have heard pregnant women may come up with the more extraordinary wishes and desires. As long as they are within a reasonable context you should give in and satisfy her need. It may sound uncommon to wake up in the night and being asked to go and buy ice cream or being asked at 3am to wash those curtains with that “horrible” odour that you cannot smell at all. However, satisfying those cravings wherever possible is going to create that great family atmosphere even before the baby is around. Besides, that won’t be happening all the time so as long as you can actually offer what she wants, you should try to do it!