Six Super Fun Ideas For Getting Your Kids Outdoors This Year

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Summer is coming! And with it, the end of the school year. As our children leave the classroom, parents around the country are left wondering how to keep them entertained and, more importantly, how to encourage them to be outside. If you want to encourage more active lifestyle and get kids involved in some new hobbies, check out these fun options!

Day Camps
A perfect solution for the working parent, most day camps open within days of school letting out. Signing your child up in time can be a trick – camps begin enrollment as early as January! Often, schools will send home flyers with your child when enrollment begins, so check those backpacks! While they can be costly, most offer full or partial scholarships. Find affordable and fun options your kids might be interested in.

Community Centers
A little used asset in today’s society, community centers offer a variety of activities for children of all ages. Many often have pools as well, either indoor or outdoor and costs vary from center to center. You can even find clubs, sports, crafts, and field trips at these centers with tons of fun things to do almost every weekend in summer.

Outdoor Bowling
Community centers and day camps not really up your alley? Head down to your local dollar store, pick up at least three pool noodles and some rubber balls, and get out your heavy duty scissors. Cut your pool noodles into three pieces of the same size and head outdoors to set up a homemade, water proof bowling game! Use your large rubber ball to knock over as many “pins” as you can. 

Eye Spy
For a twist on the classic “I Spy” game, have those kiddos head outside. Give them clues they can use to find various plants, animals, or other such things in your area. Remember to go with them if the list will take them away from your yard!

Here, Fishy Fishy!
Take a child sized pool, fill with water, and place Styrofoam fish (you can make them from plates, cups, etc.) in the water. Make your own or buy a child sized fishing pole from the store and have fun fishing! If you have the time and inclination, install an above ground pool for the backyard and you can get kids outside, playing water games all summer long.

Fairy Garden
For a magical summer adventure, gather up rocks, buy some seed packets from the store (even the Dollar Tree has seed packets, for parents on a tight budget), and get your gardening gloves on. Have your kids make circles with your rocks and plant the seeds in the center of the rocks. For added fun, buy or make a fairy to guard your new garden!

There are lots of ways to get your kids outside this summer. These are just six fun ways to do so!