Six Stylish Baby Accessories

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Do you remember the days when a mom could put a baby in an onesie and call it a day? Nowadays, babies have more accessories to wear than their mommies, and even though we sometimes miss the simple days we also think shopping for baby accessories is a lot of fun. The best baby accessories are cute and functional. In fact, some baby accessories are so pretty that we wouldn’t mind if they made them in a bigger size so we could get in on their style too. Read below for six stylish baby accessories that you’ll want to buy for your little one immediately.

1. Baby Jewelry: There is something about baby jewelry that makes a mom want to load their baby up with bling. Baby jewelry has been around for a long time, in many countries baby bracelets and anklets were placed on a baby as protection against evil. Today, most baby jewelry is designed to look pretty and fresh. If you want to buy baby jewelry for your little one try and make sure that the jewelry you buy is made with safety in mind; it shouldn’t be easily broken or pulled apart by your child. In addition, never leave your child unattended while they are wearing baby jewelry.

2. Socks: Sure you could pick out the pack of plain white socks for your little one. Or you could choose socks in bright colors, prints, and patterns instead. There are even socks that are designed to look like shoes. Today’s baby socks are stylish enough that moms can forego buying baby shoes until their little ones are walking.

3. Shoes: For most women buying baby shoes is a lesson in restraint. It’s so hard to pick just one or two pairs because all baby shoes are cute. Something about the small size of baby shoes makes even the funkiest style look adorable. In addition, many baby shoes are cheaper than women’s shoes so moms get the added benefit of shoe shopping without spending hundreds of dollars. It’s a win-win for both baby and mom.

4. Hats/Headbands: Some babies don’t like to wear hats or headbands but if you can get your little one to keep their headgear on then they will end up looking stylish, and in the case of hats they’ll be protected from the sun as well. There are so many styles of hats or headbands available that you could probably buy a hat or headband to match every one of your baby’s outfits. Find cute baby headbands at

5. Sunglasses: Some babies don’t like wearing sunglasses anymore than hats. If you can get your little one used to wearing sunglasses at a young age you will be doing them a favor. Sure your baby will look cool with their sunglasses, and you’ll be able to take the cutest pictures, but more importantly their delicate eyes will be protected against UV rays.

6. Pacifier Clips: If your baby uses a pacifier there are now pacifier clips with patterns and prints available. Pacifier clips are a great way to make sure that your child’s pacifier doesn’t end up on the floor covered in germs or lost during an outing. Why not buy a set of pacifier clips in different colors so that you can match them to your baby’s clothing?

Stylish baby accessories are no longer the oddity they once were. When you were a baby you may have worn a bonnet or matching bib whenever your mom wanted to make you really stand out, but nowadays babies and their moms have so many more options. Give your baby a head start in accessorizing by introducing them to the baby accessories above. Just don’t be surprised if you wind up with a little fashion plate on your hands later on.