Should My Baby Take Vitamin C?

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One in every five hundred infants die of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) every year. It is such a tragedy for the parents, community, and the concerned medical communities cannot figure out exactly what is causing these healthy babies to die. In various underdeveloped countries, these death rates are staggering, one in every two infants will die of SIDS. In the 1970’s, Australian doctor Archie Kalokerinos decided to research why there are so many Aboriginal infants who were dying of SIDS. After years of research, he determined that many of the Aboriginal, babies, and mothers were severely deficient in vitamin C. He recognized lots of symptoms of scurvy in the babies that were dying.

He also noticed that many of the SIDS victims died very soon after their vaccinations. Baby infant care stations are many, but there are less doctors who really understand the deficiency of Vitamin C.

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The humans have been completely reliant on their diets for vitamin c for babies, which is also needed for almost every human survival. Vaccinations are also essentially toxic to the human body, and without enough presence also can cause severe damage. Vaccines contains lots of ingredients that are called as neurotoxins. Many of the effects of all these ingredients have not been researched or studied until now. It is suspected that these ingredients can damage various neurotransmitters and can cause neurological disorders in children.

Dr. Kalokerinos has observed lots of infants after they received their vaccinations and noted diarrhea, fever, increasing retraction of the legs, irritability, and arching of the back, all signs of severe deficiency. He decided to start administering the vitamin to breastfeeding and pregnant mothers and their kids. The death rate of babies went from virtually zero to 50%. Many countries have already improved their rates of SIDS by administering it after and before immunizations.

Immunizations save many kids from a host of lots of deadly diseases, so they are not all bad. Many efforts are being made worldwide to make our vaccines safer, especially for babies who may be more susceptible to damage. Vaccinations can put a huge stress on the body and require a lot of vitamin C to process the toxins. Vitamin c for babies also provides the kind of a protective barrier over cells to help keep them safe from the harmful effects and resulting free radicals of the vaccines.

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Another side effect of vaccines is brain inflammation. The brain of the human being is bathed in toxins that can do damage and mood, alter cellular cycles, neurotransmission and concentration. Autistic individuals and autopsies of SIDS victims and who have died often show signs of brain inflammation. Autistic individuals often show signs of scarring in the brain and chronic brain inflammation. Many symptoms of autism are said to match those of brain inflammation, so further studies need to be done to determine if there is any reaction to the various immunizations that causes inflammation to stay in the body.

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Should My Baby Take Vitamin C?