Safe House: 4 Ways To Keep Your Home And Family Secure

Safe House: 4 Ways to Keep Your Home and Family Secure

News stories of protesters smashing windows and setting fires along with outright rioting in the streets rightfully has a lot of families nervous. Current situations of civil unrest are not anything new to the United States, but it is different when your family is seeing it unfold in their lives. Burglaries and home invasions are often motivated by drug addiction, and you have a valid concern in what you should do to keep your home and family secure. Here are four ways to improve family and home safety.

Teach and Follow Security Protocols

Donald Trump was campaigning in Nevada when a person at the rally yelled, “Gun!”. Within seconds the Secret Service surrounded Donald Trump and rushed him off of the stage. They use protocols for every risk scenario just as the military and police do. You do not have to train your family to be like Navy Seals, but your family should have safety and security protocols that everyone agrees to adhere to for everything from answering the door to burning candles in the home. Safety and security protocols should also be adhered to for social media, texting and other communications. You do not want your house robbed because you post your vacation on social media.

Use Innovative Technology

Modern home security systems do a lot more than just warn you when an intruder makes entry. Sure, the window and door alarms along with motion detectors are the core elements of a home alarm system, but today’s technology offers so much more. You can have an integrated home security system now that protects your home in many ways. Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be tied in with a monitored alarm system, and alerts can send help even if you are incapacitated or not home. Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras can be viewed remotely with an app on your smartphone. Home automation allows you to control locks, lights and more with the press of a button on an app too. Plus, the new systems are affordable for most family budgets.

Secure Your Internet Service

In addition to following protocols for using social media and texting to keep your home and family safe, you should also take full control of your home’s internet service. Some companies, like ACN reviews, realize that your home’s Wi-Fi service may allow other customers who use the same provider to share your internet connection. Comcast permits this with their home internet service. It is separate from your home’s internal Wi-Fi and internet connection, but it is still through your modem and router. It not only can, in some situations, slow your service, but it is also an additional access point for hackers to exploit. You should make sure your home network is secured with a password that is not easily guessed, and you may want to consider not broadcasting the network SSID (your home network’s name). If you allow visitors access to your internet service, you should limit them to guest access only.

Change Your Mindset

One of the best things that can be done to improve the odds of your home and family remaining safe is to alter mindsets of everyone in your home to understand and respect risks. No one needs to live their lives encased in bubble wrap or locked inside a safe room. However, it should be clearly understood that nothing is inherently safe. Every one of life’s daily situations poses a level of risk. You can fall in the shower. You can suffer a serious side effect from a common prescription medication. Life is full of risks. However, inviting problems by leaving doors and windows unlocked, speeding or reckless driving, unsecured firearms and even smartphones without unlock codes are unnecessary risks that should be reassessed and corrected. Take the time to critically examine what your family does or does not do as far as security and safety is concerned. Small changes can make a big difference.

Professional security is often organized into layers. Think of an onion. There are layers upon layers that spread outward from its core. This is known as redundancy when it comes to home safety and security. It is why your doors should have a lockset and a deadbolt. It is why having a landline phone to back up your cellular phones is still a good idea. It is why you wear seat belts even though your car has airbags as some redundancy actually assists in making other things even safer. You do not have to become a security expert to keep your family safer, but you can do something about those concerns you have been thinking about.

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