DIY Pregnancy Tests: Natural & Free

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You did it a few weeks ago and now you are anxious as to whether you are pregnant or not. The idea of taking a walk to the nearest pregnancy store is nauseating because you are scared of meeting some neighborhood gossip who will not hesitate to share the information with everyone.

Actually, when you did brush your teeth in the morning, took some tea with sugar, bathed with your favorite soap, and even removed the stubborn stain on the carpet with liquid bleach, what you didn’t know is that you were playing around with ingredients that you can use to make your own homemade pregnancy test. Here are several different ways to see if you are pregnant.

1. Toothpaste

All you need to do is put some little toothpaste on a small clear dish, add some fresh urine, and let it stand for a while. If the paste turns bluish in color, then you should start putting aside some money for a new member of the family.

2. Sugar

Put two tablespoons of sugar in a clear dish and add very fresh and concentrated urine; your urine is most concentrated in the morning. If the sugar fails to dissolve and forms a clump, then in about 9 months time you should be a mother.

3. Bathing Soap

Just take the normal soap that you use for bathing and pour a drop of urine keeping a close eye. If the soap begins to form bubbles, then you are probably pregnant.

4. Just a Clear Jar

Surprisingly you can know whether you are pregnant or not by putting your urine in a clear jar and letting it stand for a day or two. If a white suspension forms on top of the urine then you should probably start shopping for baby stuff.

5. Vinegar and Tuna Juice

Virtually every household has some vinegar. As for tuna, you can easily buy tuna without raising the slightest suspicion. Just squeeze some little Tuna juice in a clear glass and add equal amounts of vinegar. Let the solution stand overnight. In the morning add fresh and concentrated urine. If the resulting solution turns green, then chances are that you are expectant.

6. Liquid Bleach

Everyone knows what liquid bleach does. However, I am going to introduce you to a whole new use of this product. Pour the bleach to a quarter of standard plastic tumbler and add some urine. If you see bubbles, the only thing left is to confirm the pregnancy and wait for nine months.

7. Dandelions

This is a purely natural way to test for pregnancy. All you will need are dandelion leaves. Once you have the leaves, place them on a clear dish, you can add some urine and watch closely for any changes. If there are tiny red swellings on the leaves then you are probably pregnant.

We are past the years when you had to go to the nearest store and buy a pregnancy test just to find out if you are expectant. With the kind of information compiled here, you can be a step ahead. What I mean is that by the time you buy that test to convince your partner that you are really pregnant, you will already be having some idea of what the results will look like.

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DIY Pregnancy Tests: Natural & Free

DIY Pregnancy Tests