Is Online Education a Good Idea for Your K-12 Child?

online education for kids

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Parents have a choice when it comes to their child’s education. Over time, the current school model has deteriorated. In some areas, it’s unsafe for children to attend school. Some public schools receive consistently low scores when they are required to give children the education they need for life.

The online world opens options that weren’t there twenty years ago. Until recently, there were no other options than to pay for private school. You may wonder if online education is right for your child for their entire K-12 experience. The real question is, do you want to take a chance on the public-school system educating your child?

Why Are So Many Parents Choosing Online Education?

According to CNN, there are roughly 50.6 million students enrolled in online schooling. The numbers in 2017 have increased more than 25 percent over 2016’s number. Many people are choosing these alternative forms of education because their children are struggling in school.

The struggle may be not having enough one-on-one time, or they may have difficulty with peer relationships. Others choose an online world because the flexible scheduling allows them to peruse other dreams while still getting an education.

Does Online Education Work for All?

Not every student is designed for online schooling. A child that doesn’t have a large social circle may need that social interaction that a brick and mortar institution brings. Additionally, some children and parents don’t do well without having any set routine.

While some online educational systems have a rigorous schedule, many offer flexibility. It’s easy for some children to sleep too late and live without that strict schedule. However, often, children can benefit from a virtual education realm, and the self-motivated child can push through to get their work done and thrive.

Why Do Online Schools Work Better for Some Students?

The funding for public schools continually gets cut. Alternatively, if a family lives in an area where there is a great deal of crime and violence, even going to the bus every day can be dangerous. Bullying is another concern.

Did you know that more than 3.2 million students are bullied each year? Because of that bullying, more than 160,000 kids skip school every day around the country. It can make the schooling difficult when you are being picked on constantly. Is that an environment for learning?

What if a child has a disability? From autism to a mental health disorder, these children are often the target of mistreatment. Also, they need that one-on-one attention that usually is difficult in the public-school system. Teachers are overworked and underpaid. An online school removes all of these barriers to allow children to learn at their level. Yes, each student has a curriculum that is based on their needs and learning level.

Online Education Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Most online charter schools are a branch of the public education system, which means they receive funding from the government. Connections Academy, for instance, is an online school that gives their children computers from grades 6-12 to use to help them connect with teachers and peers.

Other schools offer similar programs. Because these classes are funded like the brick and mortar institutions, there is no cost for your child to attend. The only thing parents have to pay for is school supplies, and any field trips your child selects.

Online school is the way of the future. Students have a direct line with their teacher, and they can receive special help in areas where they may struggle. All teachers are accredited by the state they teach in, and most have experience teaching in other learning environments. Since most children already know how to work a computer by the age of three, going to school online seems to come naturally to many.