5 Newborn Photo Ideas You’ll Love

Newborn Photo Ideas

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From the moment that your new baby arrived into your life, you haven’t taken your eyes off of them, right? You don’t want to miss a single moment and you know that it can go by fast!

Why not capture your newborn’s first few weeks with a baby photoshoot? 

We’re here to talk about a few fun newborn photo ideas that you can try with your baby and your local baby photographer. Read on to learn more. 

1. Candid Hospital Photos

If your baby hasn’t yet made its grand entrance into the world, we recommend hiring a photographer to capture the first few moments in the hospital.

Candid hospital baby photos are precious memories that you won’t want to miss out on. You probably won’t be in the mood to take selfies after all of your hard work, so have a professional take care of it for you.

People who specialize in hospital newborn photography know how to capture all of the most important moments. From breastfeeding to those precious first cries, they’ll capture it all. 

2. Your Baby Egg in a Nest

Good newborn photographers are able to come up with plenty of fun props for your baby photos. We love the idea of putting your brand new baby “egg” in a decorative nest for a photo!

The nest or basket should be a comfortable place for your baby to sleep. Consider surrounding the baby with other eggs or spring-themed items to get the full effect and a super sweet photo. 

3. Baby Flat Lay Scene

Your newborn baby isn’t yet able to sit up, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t create an intricate photo scene with them. You’ll just have to do it in a flat lay.

Flat lay photo scenes start with the baby laying down on a sheet. You place items around the baby to create the “background.” You can use toys, simple baby items, or even items that represent a fun setting like clouds and rocket ships. 

These make great themed baby photos. 

4. Close-Up Photos

While you’re doing your newborn photography session, make sure that you ask your photographer, like Louise Quayle Photography, to take a few close-up pictures of your baby.

Baby fingers and toes won’t stay this tiny for long. You want to have professionally-captured images to hold onto forever. 

You can also hold your baby’s hands and feet in your own hands. This will show just how tiny they are and make for a sweet photo opportunity!

5. Simple and Clean

Sometimes the best newborn baby photos are the simplest.

Wrap your baby in a tight swaddle and place it on a plain background. Once the baby falls asleep, have your photographer snap a few photos from different angles.

This might seem too plain for a professional photo shoot, but the results are elegant. 

Try These Newborn Photo Ideas

Which of these newborn photo ideas is your favorite? Whether you’re keeping it simple or going with a fun and sweet theme, you can try all of these photoshoot ideas to capture your newborn baby at this precious age.

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