6 Creative Ways to Showcase Your Favorite Baby Photos

6 Creative Ways to Showcase Your Favorite Baby Photos

Everybody loves to break out the photo albums and show off their baby photos, but they can often be returned to the drawer and forgotten about for weeks, months and years. In the age of social media, Facebook has enabled proud parents to bombard their family and friends with photos of their newborn baby on a regular basis, which is wonderful if, like most people in this day and age, you have loved ones scattered all over the world.

The problem with this is that these photos are posted and soon forgotten about until Facebook reminds you in a year’s time. Parents who want to keep their baby photos on display can do so in some fun creative ways, which go far beyond the odd framed picture here and there. Here are a few ways to truly showcase that little wonder of yours:

Have Your Favorite Photo Turned into a Portrait

A photograph is a true wonder of the modern world, but sadly, time can fade a photograph, and they can often be damaged. A fun and creative way to capture the beauty of a great baby photo is to have it turned into a portrait by a professional painter. This is hugely popular with both parents and pet owners, and as your baby grows into a toddler, a teenager and beyond, and the photos you put up around your home change with the years, you will still be able to find a place for your baby portrait. Read more here if you want to find out more about having a hand-painted snapshot of a truly wonderful time.

Get Your Favorite Photos Turned into a YouTube Video

YouTube is used by over 1.3 billion people and is the second most visited website in the world, outside of Google. Five billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day, and yours could be one of them. The good news is that you don’t have to be a tech genius to do it too!

All you have to do is head to YouTube, go to the Upload a Video or Post and click on Create a Slideshow. You can upload your favorite baby photos and create a slideshow in a matter of minutes. You can set it to Private if you only want family and friends to see it and you will be given a link to send to people. You can come back and watch it whenever you’re feeling nostalgic, or want to embarrass your little one at parties as they grow up and get a little too big for their boots.

Create a Collage of all Your Favorite Photos

Technology is great, but sometimes there’s nothing better than a little glue and a pair of scissors. Why not bring out your arts and crafts side and create a collage of all your favorite baby photos. You can pick and choose your favorites, make copies and cut out the best bits, glue them to a large card and then have it framed in your home. Not only will it be a fun snapshot of this new and exciting time that you can keep forever, but it is also something that can be brought out at future events such as birthdays and much further down the line their wedding. It could make for an incredibly emotional and personal present down the line, too. If you do choose to give it as a gift someday, you should make copies before you do. They could make good Christmas or birthday gifts for other family members who want to remember when your little one was sweet and innocent.

Turn Your Baby Photos into Wallpaper

One of the toughest decisions to make is how to decorate a baby’s bedroom. Once you know the gender of a child you can decide on whether to paint the room pink or blue, but once the little one has arrived, and the photos start piling up, why not get a little creative with the bedroom wall space and turn your baby photos into a wallpaper? It will look extremely cool and cute and will amaze your family and friends when they come to visit. You can choose which photos you think will suit being turned into wallpaper then approach a designer to see what they can do for you unless you feel like you can do it yourself. Make sure you keep an extra roll, just in case you change your wallpaper down the road. You might want to show your masterpiece to your little one as they grow older.

Add Your Favorite Photo to an Item of Clothing

Custom made clothing is all the rage these days, particularly in the T-shirt and children’s clothing industries. With that in mind, it makes sense that parents would want to commemorate such a wonderful event such as the birth of their child by either creating a piece of clothing for themselves with their favorite baby photo presented proudly on the front, or by creating a piece of baby clothing with the little one’s angelic face on display. Whichever you decide to do (you could always do both, or start your own clothing range), you will be able to keep them forever as fun and creative keepsakes, depending on how much food has been dropped down it, of course.

Create a Funky Photo Album Using Props

For parents who want to do something a little different with their baby photos, you can set up a photo shoot for your little one using a variety of props and costumes, and create a photo album that you’ll be showing off to family and friends forever. Why not act out scenes from your favorite movies? Or use your props and costumes to make it look like your baby was born in various periods of time, from the 1970s disco era to Victorian-era London. The name of the game is fun, so open up your imagination and create something extra special that you will be breaking out at parties until the end of time.