Name Your Child Based On The Numerology

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Numerology has been popular since ages and very commonly followed round the globe. The term and system of numerology goes way back to the ancient Greece and Egypt where people used to anticipate the future based on the random happenings. But after the famous Greek Maths Wizard determined the use of maths in predicting the events that happen in the future and perform philosophical evaluation, numerology took birth.

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People started using numbers to predict future. With time, numerology calculator was designed. Numerology has power to identify your features and characteristics based on your name and surnames. Numerologists believe there is a connection between numbers and letters which will help you find the common characteristics related to your personal number.

Numerology believes, your name determines your character. You are what your name means.

The Process of finding the number based on name:

Write Your Name On a Paper:

Clearly write your full name, along with your surname on a piece of paper. You will need all the letters to calculate the credibility of your name. So write it clearly with proper gaps between each letter.

For Example:
Let the name be Casandra Regina. Now let’s compute this name based on the power of numerology.

Matching The Names With Numbers:

The relation between the numbers and letters is the basic behind the use of numerology. In order to match the letters you have to understand that each letter is associated with a number. Let’s discuss about one method which is commonly followed.

On your left hand side write numbers from 1 to 9 from top to bottom in a vertical line. Now start writing the alphabet in the same order. Starting with A, write all the alphabet from top to bottom, along the numbers. Once you reach 9, the alphabet I should be matched. Again repeat the same process till you reach Z.

  1. A J S
  2. B K T
  3. C L U
  4. D M V
  5. E N W
  6. F O X
  7. G P Y
  8. H Q Z
  9. I R

Use of Numerology Calculator to find out your destined number:

Now, under your name, write the value of every single alphabet. Sum up all the numbers and write the total.

3 1 1 1 1 5 4 9 1 9 5 7 9 5 1 = 62

6+2= 9

The number of numerology for the example we have considered in 9.

Definition of Numbers:

Like earlier said, every number is related to a characteristic. Let’s look at the personality traits based on the number associated with your name.

  1. Boss by example, self-governing, full of inventiveness.
  2. Bendable and adjustable.
  3. Loves fine art, takes delight in life, easy-to-read and out spoken person.
  4. Helpful individual, cannot pact with limits.
  5. A thinker, bold individual.
  6. Dependable, an individual who always protects others, be grateful for and take pleasure in the community.
  7. Forecaster, conscious of their ambience, sympathetic person.
  8. Realistic, authority seeking person, struggle for higher principle.
  9. Compassionate, big-hearted, one who take pleasure by offering things to others.

Thus Cassandra Regina is Compassionate, big-hearted, one who take pleasure by offering things to others.

Why don’t you try for your name and with the name you are planning to name your new born baby? Have fun!

Name Your Child Based On The Numerology