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Making Memories: Great Ideas for Parent-Child Projects

Making Memories: Great Ideas for Parent-Child Projects

Now more than ever, spending time with your children is an important way to cement family bonds and create memories that last a lifetime. You can find a variety of projects to do with your children that will provide relaxing, enjoyable activity while you talk, share experiences and learn new skills. A project is available for every taste. All you have to do is give it some thought or explore a few activities online. Here are a few ideas that will provide hours of fun to enjoy with your children.

Craft Projects

Parents and children can engage in a wide range of craft projects together that will provide hours of fun and shared experience. Many children enjoy beading to make bracelets they can share with friends. Others may enjoy model building of cars, ships or airplanes. Painting is a fun activity that parents and children can share, either indoors or outdoors. Learning to knit, crochet or do embroidery with applique embroidery designs can be a wonderful way to spend time creating useful and decorative items that anyone can enjoy.

Baking Holiday Cookies

One of the fondest memories people cherish is baking cookies over the Christmas holidays with parents. Choosing recipes, getting ingredients from the supermarket and assembling the items can all be times of intense parent-child interaction toward a shared goal. You don’t have to wait for Christmas to bring out the cookie cutters. A wide range of special days throughout the year can be an occasion for cookie baking, such as sugar cookies with green sprinkles for St. Patrick’s Day, egg and bunny shapes for Easter, red-white-and-blue frosting cookies for 4th of July and any other day your creative spirit wishes to celebrate.


Planning a garden can be a fun way for parents and children to engage in an absorbing project that produces concrete results. From going through seed catalogs, to starting seedlings in cups in a sunny window, to transplanting the plants outdoors, children can learn a great deal about how food and flowers are germinated, cultivated and harvested. And at the end, healthy vegetables or beautiful flowers are produced for the family to enjoy.

Today’s busy families often have to work a little harder to find quality time together to create memories for the future. Working on projects can provide a shared interest for interesting conversation and a meaningful goal. Try these projects to give your children more concentrated time, and you will find these activities can trigger new interests for your child and pleasant memories for all involved.

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