Less Mess: Tricks To Keep Your Child’s Next Birthday Party Small

Kids love parties, but parents tend to hate all the mess and trash left behind. If you know what you’re doing though, not all children’s birthday parties need to be big and messy. Take charge and create a fun yet intimate birthday party for your child that won’t leave a huge mess for you to clean up afterward.

Smaller Guest List = Less Trash and More Fun
These days, many classrooms can have up to 30 children in them, and parents often feel the pressure to invite everyone so no one feels left out. Instead, have your child pick out 5 to 8 best friends and have a very special birthday party. You can hold it at your home and pick a fun theme, or with a smaller group of children you may better be able to afford to invite them out to an entertainment place like Chuck E. Cheese. 

Two Hour Maximum
Parents often look forward to birthday parties because they can drop their children off for the afternoon and spend that time doing chores or just relaxing. However, that creates more stress and often more mess for the host parent, making the party an event to be dreaded, not enjoyed. For your child’s next birthday party, set a two hour limit for the festivities. Within those two hours your child will have plenty of time to play with friends, open presents, eat cake, and still feel like they have had a special birthday party. 

Let Someone Else Bake the Cake
Sure, it would be wonderful to say you baked your child’s birthday cake just for the event. But with all of the decorations to put up and a child to bathe and dress before the event, you might find yourself in a time crunch when it comes to the cake. Of all of the items that you can DIY for your child’s birthday party, let a professional handle the cake. Make sure you order it at least 1 week before the event, and give detailed instructions about the designs. Don’t forget to double-check all of the spelling on the cake! You will be so glad you left this detail up to someone else so you don’t have to clean up a dirty kitchen on the morning of the party. 

Bring the Party Outdoors
If you live near a public park with a playground, consider hosting the party there. Instead of having to clean up a messy house, just bring disposable plates and silverware here. The kids can play on the playground, make up their own games, and the adults can sit back and watch the kids enjoy themselves. Perfect for smaller parties, you can easily keep an eye on all of the party guests or invite their parents to stay and relax with you.

If it’s a little too cold in your area for an outdoor party, see if a party venue like Noahs Event Venues could host for you. This way you keep sticky fingers out of your house and contain the mess to just one room. These events often provide game rooms, movie screens and more.

For your next kid’s birthday party, keep the mess to a minimum and try to plan ahead and prepare with these tips.

Brooke Chaplan is a freelance writer and blogger. She lives and works out of her home in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She loves the outdoors and spends most her time hiking, biking and gardening. For more information contact Brooke via Twitter @BrookeChaplan.