Keep Little Man in your Prayers

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Wow, I got my DVD copy of Little Man the Movie and watched it last night. I didn’t read the “our story” preview on the website first, and living a sheltered life here in the middle of the midwest, I was surprised at the lesbian love story that went along with the story. I could have done without some of that. But I can relate with the toils that premature babies put on relationships. I remember after my twins were born, one nurse told us to get counseling right away because 50% of parents of preemies get divorced. I wrote it off because isn’t 50% the going rate nowadays anyway? Well, we did end up getting divorced, but it was over infidelity (yes, I’m still bitter) and not our twins’ prematurity. Anyway, the movie made me cry as it brought back so many memories of my girls’ struggles in the NICU. I could relate to everything from be called to the hospital right away because a baby crashed or needed emergency surgery to trying to line up quality home nursing care. I think Nicholas is going to have rougher roads ahead, and I will keep him in my prayers. I thank God that although my girls were extremely sick as infants, they are pretty medically sound now. Their main concerns now are that they are developementally delayed. I could be less stressed without Macy’s Bi-Polar / Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, but she inherited that from her father, and has nothing to do with being a preemie. All in all, it is a good documentary of Nicholas’s life so far. I’ll look forward to updates.