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Kangaroo Care Tips

No one told me about Kangaroo Care when my twin preemies were in the NICU.  I first heard the concept of placing the child’s ear on the parents bare chest above the heart a couple years later when a friend of mine had premature twins, and it seemed to prove beneficial.

So, I was reading my Preemie Magazine (subscribe for free) this month that offered Kangaroo Care Tips.  I thought I would share them online for others…

1. Ask your baby’s doctor, nurse, or healthcare provider when you can start Kangaroo Care.

2. Before you leave for the hospital, shower first, and then wear a button-down blouse.

3. Remove all clothing from your baby except the diaper and the hat.

4. Do not remove any wires, tubes or hookups to machines.  If your baby is intibated, ask the nurse for assistance.

5. Place the baby on your bare chest, between the breasts, with a blanket over your baby’s back.

6. Turn the baby’s head so that his/her ear is near your heart.

7. Dads can also practice Kangaroo Care by placing the baby on his/her bare chest.  Be careful baby’s fingers don’t get entangled in chest hair.

To order a free DVD on Kangaroo Care, send a self-addressed, prepaid, priority mailer:

Diane Spatz, PhD, RNC
Newborn Infant Center
2nd Floor, Main Building
34th and Civic Center Blvd
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Philadelphia PA  19104

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