Inspiration: 5 Fabulous Gender-Neutral Nurseries

Gender-neutral nurseries are a great idea for parents who don’t want to know the gender of their baby before the big day, or for those who prefer something different to the classical pink and blue themes. Below are five beautiful and fabulous gender-neutral nursery looks fit for any baby regardless of their gender.

Mint, White and Grey

Gender Neutral Nursery Photo

Transitional Kids by Douglasville Kids & Nursery Carousel Designs

Mint, white and grey is an easy color theme to relax a newborn so he or she sleeps in peace. Color the walls a soothing mint color and add a classic, white rimmed crib to your baby’s room. Bedding should stick with the color theme, although variations can make the room more unique. Add an off-white couch perfect for reading to a child, a white nightstand and a white, fluffy rug. Decorate the walls with small, mahogany shelves to hold favorite toys. Finally, adding a circle window completes this look, but it’s not necessary if it doesn’t fit a budget.

Modern Vintage

Gender Neutral Nursery Photo

Contemporary Nursery by Detroit Interior Designers & Decorators SHANNON ROSATI INTERIORS

The modern vintage room is ideal for homes with a modern style. Creating this look is simple and should start with a Vetro style crib and a paper butterfly mobile to keep a newborn entertained. Add a white rug for warmth and a recliner or comfy chair. Black or white shelves work best for this style. For a more glamorous look, add black-and-white picture style pillows. Finally, paint the walls a neutral, light green and consider adding the baby’s name above the crib in gold.

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Circus Fun

Gender Neutral Nursery Photo

Contemporary Kids by Crestline Media & Bloggers HowJoyful Design Studio

Start this look by painting the walls with white and grey thick stripes. Add a white crib and purchase colorful bedding sheets. For a clean look, install white shelves (although parents may want to add zigzag stripes to the furniture for more color and visual interest). Hang stuffed hot air balloons from the ceiling and add stuffed animals that are characteristic of a circus like bears, giraffes and elephants to play with the style.

Playroom Blue and Green

Gender Neutral Nursery Photo

Eclectic Kids by Portland Kids & Nursery Embellishments Kids

This playroom style is best for large sized rooms; however, modifications can be made for smaller nurseries. Paint the walls a true blue and consider painting the ceiling green with a white border if the room is big enough. Add white curtains to the windows, a grey crib and hang a polka dot mobile. Get a wagon where a baby may store their toys, a grey diaper changing shelf and decorate the room with horses.

Safari Elegance

Gender Neutral Nursery Photo

Traditional Kids by New York Kids & Nursery Jack and Jill Interiors

If you want your new baby to get lost in a wonderful world of safari elegance, paint the room’s walls a lime green and add chestnut colored trees. Get a pewter iron crib and white and brown bedding for elegance. Add a neutral couch, a fluffy rug and off-white shelves. To go above and beyond, hang pictures of giraffes or another zoo animal.

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