Inground Trampolines – A Newbies Guide To Sunken Trampolines

Inground Trampoline

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With the whole quarantine situation, some adults have begun looking for new ways for their kids to enjoy outdoor activities in their houses, and even some adults started to look for ways to enjoy going to their front or backyard and get some sunlight.

Of course, the options are many. There are people who have built waterproof outdoor gyms, whereas other created spaces where they could practice calisthenics. For kids, outdoor playgrounds right inside their backyard and pools have become very present in their lives, but there’s something a lot of parents interested in, but know nothing about: trampolines.

In this article, though, I’m going to provide some essential information based on trampolines, and how picking the right type of trampoline can make a big difference regarding safety levels. With that in mind, I’ll show why in ground trampolines might be a better choice for some people, whereas other a caged variation might better for others.

A Regular Trampoline

Normally, people would go for a regular trampoline, the most standard form a trampoline can have. They are placed above the ground, tend to come in different sizes and shapes, and are cheaper in comparison to other models. You can find octagonal, rectangular, oval, round, and square-shaped ones.

This one might be a good option if the ones playing with it are mature enough to understand the risk they are dealing with and take enough care to avoid them. It would be best for kids to reach their adolescence, young adults, and adults.

Not a very wise option for very young kids, since they tend to get very excited while playing with it this might lead to accidents.

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These ones are very similar to regular models, but they come with a safety cage or net to avoid kids from falling on the ground. This becomes a very safe alternative for kids, but accidents are still possible. That is why safety measures are still necessary, and we will talk about them later in this guide.

You can check many different types of caged-trampolines in this guide over here.

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An In-Ground Trampoline

Now, this model might have caught the attention of those who decided to read this article. A lot of people might wonder: why get a trampoline that is literally dug in the ground? Well, the reasoning is simple: it might be a safer option than a regular trampoline, and you can find it for a cheaper price as well.

You can find regular versions of it and caged ones as well, so it is up to decide which one to go for. If you decide to go for a regular version, the advantage of it, and what makes it safer, is the fact that the playground will be closer to the ground, so any type of fall damage will be significantly reduced.

There are still risks, though, so I recommend you to check the last section of this article to get more detailed information on safety measures you can take to avoid any dangerous accidents.

Of course, it’ll still require you to take special steps to install it, and you can check more about it over here:

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Safety Measures

The problem with playing with a trampoline is that a lot of people forget that they can be dangerous (just like many other physical activities) and they underestimate the risks just because they get used to it, and because they feel safe being in a familiar environment.

If you have children playing in the playground, you should follow these steps to the best of your ability to reduce the risks of accidents. If the people dealing with the playground are adults who understand the risks, they can take these tips with more ease.

Firstly, if you decided to go for a regular model without a cage and safety nets, you should at least make sure that there aren’t any dangerous surfaces around that could harm those playing with it, like walls and concrete floors.

Still, the ground can be very sturdy, and you can double the caution measures by making a safety field made out of mats, pillows, or something similar that you can use as a safety layer. This is absolutely necessary if you are dealing with a trampoline that is very high in comparison to the ground level.

Lastly, to avoid accidents unrelated to falling to the ground, you should make rules to avoid having multiple people on the playground at the same time, especially kids, since they can hurt each other by bumping between themselves.