Ideas for Revamping Your Child’s Bedroom

It probably seems like it was just yesterday when you were picking out baby names and choosing a crib for the nursery. Now that your little baby is becoming bigger, it’s time to give the room a fresh new look and make it more appropriate.

pink girl's bedroom

The décor of the room should match the child’s age and be adapted for a new phase. Although you’d probably like to decorate everything in accordance with your own style, this is the time when you should start including your child into decisions and revamping their room is the perfect place to start. Finishing this project is going to require a lot of time and energy, so keep in mind that you’re doing this for your little youngster and arm yourself with patience.

Choose a color palette

This will be the foundation for everything you plan on doing so pick the color scheme carefully and try to imagine the end results. If you want to be sure you’ve made the right choice, opt for neutral colors which will allow you to change the design along the way. A neutral palette lets you play with furniture and decoration colors while some bolder tones restrict you to some matching colors. Try to find a few shades that you think will work fine and let your child help you with the final decision. You may think that this seems a bit too grown-up, but on the contrary – softer hues are perfect for any age and room type, which makes them a perfect solution for your child’s new room.

Many parents like to include a chalkboard wall which is great for encouraging your child to draw and take its imagination to a whole new level. This could be an amazing DIY project and it won’t be too time-consuming or costly, and your child will be blown away by it.

Change that’s necessary

You’ll probably have to take out all the furniture because it won’t fit your child anymore so when the time comes for refurbishing the room, think about changing the doors and windows as well. This is a good investment that will increase the volume of security and also cut down your bills because these additions will keep the room temperature at an optimal level at all times. There are many options you could choose from, depending on your style and the room design you’re working with. The most popular option nowadays are sturdy barn doors which are space-saving and made from natural materials. Be careful when choosing windows and make sure your child doesn’t keep opening and closing them all the time.

Also, it goes without saying that you need to find a comfortable bed because the crib is no longer an option. Whether you choose a big bed or an adjustable one, make sure your kid is involved in the decision-making process.

New storage space

The previous storage space you had probably included diapers and toys for the baby so you definitely need to revamp this area too – don’t start looking forward to having fewer toys just yet, though, as kids always have something new they want. A clever way of adding more storage space is by having it below the bed and around the desk, and then hiding it with some cushions and turning it into a seating area.

Getting this right will prevent the constant clutter and prevent all those books, toys and pencils from spreading throughout the room. If you have enough space, you can even install some shelves that could serve you for years. Add different containers where you could place all the stuff you want out of the way and just keep them on these shelves. Who knows, maybe one day your little one becomes a bookworm and gives them a new purpose!

Final touches

After you’ve mastered the basic items you need to incorporate, think about the final touches. This room should follow the home design you’ve established in other parts of the home, so try to balance everyone’s wishes as much as you can.

First, go through your memory boxes and find different kinds of memorabilia – from the first ultrasound pictures to the first family photo and other precious items you’ve kept. Display them throughout the room and they’ll be the best décor you could imagine. After that, find different books, pencils, and notebooks and create a little work area where your child can read and do some art projects. This will boost their creativity and also keep them entertained while you’re cooking or cleaning.

Realizing your child is growing up is never easy, and letting go of that feeling that you no longer have a baby is even harder. However, it’s your duty to create the best surrounding for them to live in and, no matter what, your children will always come to your room when they hear a thunderstorm as that’s always going to be the safest place on the planet.