How to Give Your Baby’s First Bath

baby's first bath

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Everything about being a new parent is stressful. You’re now in charge of this delicate, beautiful baby and learning everything as you go.

One question many parents ask is about the baby’s first bath. When is it time and how should they do it?

baby's first bath

Keep reading below to learn everything you need to know about safely giving your baby his or her first bath.

Baby’s First Bath, When to Bathe Newborns

Most new parents are eager to give their newborn a bath right away, but the World Health Organization recommends delaying that first bath until 24 hours after birth.

This is recommended because a bath could make your baby too cold, interrupt skin-to-skin bonding, and dry them out. These all could affect your baby’s health.

Only give your newborn a sponge bath for two or three weeks until the umbilical cord falls off. Or, in the case of a boy, the circumcision wound has healed.

And here’s something you probably didn’t expect. You don’t need to bath your newborn every day. Doctors recommend three baths per week to keep them clean but not dry out their skin too much.

baby's first bath

Newborn Baby Bath Supplies

You can’t put your tiny newborn in a regular bathtub or use the soap you already have in your cabinet. What supplies do you need for a newborn baby bath?

Newborns are delicate and require very specific supplies. Here is a checklist of baby bath supplies:

  • Infant bathtub
  • Non-slip foam pad tub insert
  • Gentle, tearless baby soap
  • Unscented baby moisturizer
  • Small cotton washcloths
  • Terry cloth bath towels

Check out these organic baby soap and shampoo options. For babies, they usually come as soap and shampoo in one. You want to get all-natural products.

This sounds like a lot, but once you have all of the supplies your newborn baby’s bath will be fun and easy. This is a great chance for the two of you to bond.

Steps on Giving a Newborn a Bath

Now comes the most important part. How do you safely bathe your newborn?

First, make sure you’re using warm water. Too hot or cold may leave a bad first impression.

Add some baby soap to the water and dip your washcloth into it. Start at the head and gently work your way down. Focus on cleaning the folds of the skin. Flip them around and clean their backside next.

Avoid the umbilical stump until it falls off and don’t try to push back your son’s foreskin if he hasn’t been circumcised.

At the end gently rinse them off and wrap them in a soft towel. Once dry, you can apply moisturizer.

Never Stop Learning About Your Baby

Parenting is tough and no one knows everything in the beginning. After you’ve mastered the baby’s first bath, make sure you keep learning more about how to care for them.

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How to Give Your Baby’s First Bath