How To Choose The Right Potty Chair For Your Toddler

Potty Training Toddlers

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Potty Training Toddlers

If your child is at the stage of making the jump from using diapers to potty, it is good news that calls for joy. However, choosing the right potty can be challenging, as the training experience can be amusing as well as terrifying, at the same time.

The transition from the diapers to the toddler toilet seat can be tricky to new parents. The beauty is parents who are equipped with the right tools and information will be able to make the transition without sweat.

Convertible toddler toilet seat

As the name implies, the toilet can be used separately on their own, with an option of using the removable part of the toilet seat on a full-size toilet, no wonder it is sometimes called all-in-one toilet seat.

The convertible seat can also be used as a step stool to aid kids in stepping up or down from the toilet or the sink.

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The miniature toilet

This is actually, over the toilet toddler potty seat. Its small design makes it perfect to fit into a full-size toilet. It helps kids to seat over the toilet without the risk of falling or discomfort.

It firmly, grips the toilet, though allows toddlers to be able to sit with comfort on it. Kids can learn how to use the full-size toilet without messing it up with this device, which is miniature in size.

It provides more than just comfort, it can easily be transported from one location to the other and it’s a good addition to families with small bathrooms. Another version of it is foldable and put into a carrying case.

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Independent potty

As the name implies, it is a stand-alone toilet seat, which can’t be used on a full-size toilet. It design resembles a mini edition of the actual toilet. Most stand-alone toilets come with a removable container, which is used to dump the content into the toilet.

There are many designs of toddlers’ toilets available in this category. There are many fun features in this category that can keep kids occupy as he/she goes through the transition.

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Portable Potty Seat

It is possible to use the full size toilet to potty train your kids, but most kids homes have toilets design to suit adult size. There are portable potty seats in the market that you can buy and attach to your toilet.

The potty seat will enable the child to feel secure and comfortable because it is very stable, if properly fixed to the toilet, but it is not a convertible type, so it can’t be used in other ways.

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A smart way to that the process is to allow the kid in choosing a toddler toilet seat that will amuse him/her, since the market is not lacking in several varieties to choose from, you may need to have more than one before the end of the training process.

Sounding a note of warning, toilet seats with splash guards are fun, designed to make your kids not miss the toilet when using it, but he could get injured if he rushes to sit on the potty or jumps on it.