How Smoking And Drinking Affect Pregnant Women

Woman Smoking

Pregnancy is considered as the most vital part for a women life. We all know that it is considered as second birth for a woman as a woman has to face many difficulties and pain which can be a death reason for her. This period is considered as most crucial time for women’s life at the same time it is the period when she required extra care and precaution. Now a day drinking and smoking has become a common habit in peoples no matter whether a man or a woman. It has become a part of their regular life they drink when they feel happy they drink when they feel sad they just not require any occasion for doing so.

We all are highly aware of the effects of smoking as well as drinking on our life. Many women drink and smoke during their pregnancy period with having any idea the worst effect of these habits on their unborn baby or on their own life. We are here to share a vital piece of information about the effect of smoking and drinking on the pregnant woman. We at Rich Gorman have no-smoking inside office policy, making sure we have healthy air for all of our team members, including pregnant women.

How smoking affects pregnant women

We are going to provide you an idea how dangerous can be smoking during pregnancy or after pregnancy period. Smoking during pregnancy can be a cause of various issues for mother and baby both issues such as –

– Can enhance the possibility for unproductiveness in women.
– Causes premature delivery.
– Increase risk of stillbirth.
– Hampers in gaining weight in baby at the time of birth.
– Most vital cause of SIDS i.e. sudden infant death syndrome.

Various studies carried at various times have proved that the harmful chemicals prevailed in the cigarettes goes into the bloodstream of the baby they create huddle in getting the proper amount of oxygen. On the same time less amount of oxygen hampers the growth of the baby and it also causes difficulties in gaining weight. If you have habit of smoking quite this habit for the sake of your baby as it can give great harm to your baby.

How alcohol affects pregnant women

We all know it very well that alcohol is very dangers thing for our health. During pregnancy it can be considered as poison which can even cause death for your baby. According to the various reports published in medical journals alcohol is considered as one of the most vital reason for most of the miscarriages. It can cause various kinds of problems related to mind as well as heart for the babies. It has been considered as one of the most vital reasons for birth defects or birth disorders as drinking alcohol during pregnancy directly affects on the heart and the brain of the babies. It can also hampers the flow as well as the consumption of oxygen to the baby while pregnancy. It is highly advised by the doctors to avoid drinking any kind of alcohol during and after pregnancy as after pregnancy it goes into the blood of the baby through breastfeeding and caused bad effect which can be dangerous for the baby’s life.