Holiday Gifts for Twins Should Be Different for Each Twin

If your twins are at the “I want different toys than my twin stage”, then you’ll need to think about the kinds of holiday gifts for twins.

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Although, most twins are different, they usually like the same things or at least, they like to share each other’s toys. Thankfully Melissa and Doug toys have a wide variety of toys that are great for holiday gifts for twins.

Twins may look alike but they are individuals. Separate from each other in personality, likes and dislikes, and even the toys they like to play with. One twin may like trucks while the other likes airplanes. It’s the same with colors, styles, and types of toys for twins. Where one twin may like red but the other likes blue. This is normal because even though they are twins, they are two different little people. It may look cute to dress them the same, with the same toys, but normally they will find the toys they like. They won’t always like the same things. So, it’s better to give them a choice of toys, so they can choose their own.

Melissa and Doug toys have been around for over 20 years. They have toys for kids ranging from newborn to 10 years old. All of their toys are specifically designed to educate kids while giving them something to play with at the same time. They have puzzles, dollhouses, and hand crafted baby toys, and much more to enhance children’s lives. When you buy holiday gifts for twin, Melissa and Doug toys give you a large variety of choices.

You can also find great gifts for twin from Aden and Anais. Aden and Anais make blankets, sleeping bags, and an even an Aden and Anais Swaddle. If you must dress your twins the same, then purchasing cloths from Aden and Anais will have the twins identical in every way. However, the toys you buy for them should be different. You can easily buy a toy for each of them and one set for them to share. It teaches them to share but gives them their own separate toy they don’t have to share.

To encourage your twins in the creative process, Melissa and Doug have a double easel for twins that are old enough to draw. Even if they aren’t old enough, most kids like to scribble on a blackboard. The double easel has one side as a blackboard and the other side is paper. They can have a lot of fun while learning to use their creative genes. Having twins is a lot of fun but remember they are separate individuals, with separate tastes in toys.