Healthy Life: How to Lose Your Baby Weight and Get Fit Again

Healthy Life: How to Lose Your Baby Weight and Get Fit Again

Nearly every mother knows how difficult it can be to drop the weight in the postpartum period. While some women have great success and are back to their baseline weights within a couple months after the birth, others are still struggling to lose that last 10 or 20 pounds years later. These four smart tips can help women lose the baby weight and get fit once again.

Strength Train

Some women choose to stay away from strength training because they believe that it does not burn many calories. However, lifting weights or training using body weight is vital to getting that toned figure. Plus, increased muscle mass actually burns calories even when one is at rest.

Exercise with Baby

Other women feel that since they cannot go to the gym, they might as well give up on exercise altogether. Thankfully, there are many great ways that women can burn calories and raise their heart in their own neighborhoods. Pushing a stroller down the street can burn more calories than walking alone because of the extra weight. Women can also try Pilates or yoga programs in their living rooms that give women moves to do while holding the baby.

Start a Smart Nutritional Plan

Wise nutrition is key to cutting out empty calories and fueling the body, especially for women who breastfeed. A nutrition plan such as one from Plan 7 Coaching can help women meet their goals by helping them understand their metabolic rates and how many calories they should be eating each day.

Watch out for Mindless Snacking

Women with young babies may find it difficult to fit regular meals into their schedules and may turn to small snacks throughout the day. Without being aware of all the calories they may be eating in six or seven daily snacks, they can unintentionally be adding to their waistlines. Women should try to eat three meals per day with one or two smart snacks in between.

Losing baby weight can be disheartening for those who do not notice results immediately. There are a few ways to combat this, such as by staying on track with a friend, getting one’s husband on board and paying more attention to how one feels rather than on the number of the scale. Women must always remember to focus on the little things as much as on the big things because even little dietary changes or increases in fitness levels can add up in the long run.