Healthy Cleaning For Vigorous Kids

Healthy Cleaning for Vigorous Kids

When struggling to find new ways to keep your children safe, we often overlook the problems we bring in to the house ourselves. After the infant stage, when the child develops its motor skills and starts crawling everywhere and touching everything (ending with its mouth), we need to keep the surfaces of our home clean just for that reason. The kid does not discriminate between clean and dirty, and even when it starts to, we can never be sure that the cleaning products we bring in don’t react in a negative way to the child. There are quite a lot of cases of asthma and rashes to prove that point. So what can we do to alleviate the situation?

Going green

Environmentally-friendly products are the perfect way to keep the house clean and healthy for not only the kid, but all its residents. Using green treatment for all the dirty spots in the house will also help you with the free time as you won’t have to dedicate most of it to looking over your shoulder, afraid that the baby is touching that table spot you just wiped with a toxic cleaner. Pick your products carefully when you go green and think about whether it is wise to invest in that more expensive, but mostly organic new product in the store.

Alternatively, you can go back to traditional times and use home-made treatments with products literally found in your kitchen. Just ask your grandparents how they handled all their tough stains with merely baking soda, salt, lemon juice, and vinegar. All four products are perfect solutions to most stains. Baking soda is utterly harmless, it is non-toxic, and yet mixed with water it creates a soda paste that can tackle any single stain or delete any odour. Vinegar and water make an all-purpose cleaner which you can use in a spray bottle for both prompt and efficient jobs, and lemon juice can disinfect any surface. With such a variety of home cleaners, why bother with the expensive and chemical-filled stuff in the markets at all?

Healthy Cleaning for Vigorous Kids2

Frequent home cleaning

The more laborious way, but one sure to save you from the constant seeking of solutions, to keep the kid’s health always in the pink is to prevent the dirt and dust, and the need of using heavy chemical cleaners at all, altogether. Take out the vacuum cleaner on a daily basis and make sure the floors are always squeaky clean. If you can’t do any carpet cleaning because of the lack of carpets, then apply the mop more often and the results will be the same. Use a microfiber cloth to easily take care of all other surfaces and your child will be constantly in a sterilised surrounding.

With these solutions you will not have to worry about your child’s health at all. No chemicals, no toxins, no dust, no dirt, nothing to get in the way of its curiosity, and you can even gain some time for yourself as well.

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