Great Tips To Help Dads Enjoy Their New Babies

Father with Baby photo

There is a lot of literature out there regarding getting dads involved with their babies, but much of it has a bit of a negative slant. For many dads, there’s no question about how much they’d like to be involved, it’s simple a matter of how to go about it. Here are a few great tips to ensure both parents can enjoy the process.

Step in

Moms often take the lead with the baby care, but the best way to learn how to do everything is by trying. Step in and change diapers, help with baby’s bath and learn how to gently put her little legs and arms into her pajamas and onesies – practice makes perfect! And Mom, try not to criticize or control! You have to give Dad a chance.

Help with Nursing and Feeding

With a breastfeeding mom, it can be hard to participate with feeding during the first few weeks, but you can be a supportive partner. Bring her a glass of water, make sure she has the pillows she needs, and just sit with her. You are a family unit now, and you can take part in feedings just by being there. As nursing progresses, you can then feed baby a bottle of expressed milk.

Take the Time

It can be hard when you have just worked an entire day, to come home and spend time with a needy infant, but try to keep in mind that this can relax you as well. Take the time to sit with her in your arms, sing to her, lay down next to her, talk to her or read her a book.

Night-time Parenting

Nights can be difficult for moms who are feeding and doing all the night-time rising to change diapers, so taking over when you can, will be truly appreciated. But this isn’t the only reason to step in and rise as night- this can be a truly magical time with baby, when the world is quiet and it’s just the two of you!

Other ways to help include some of the more practical considerations, such as washing loads of baby bibs and tiny clothing, and helping to cook and keep the house clean. But, as long as dads make every effort to spend as much time with baby and attend to her needs, they’ll be in good shape in terms of being involved without even trying.