How to Get Your Little One Comfortable with Water and Swimming

When you have babies and toddlers in your home, it is essential to get them comfortable around water, but you must also keep them safe.

How to Get Your Little One Comfortable with Water and Swimming

Here are some tips for helping your young children enjoy swimming and other water activities safely.

Have Safety Devices near Bathtubs

You should have safety devices near bathtubs to prevent problems such as falls or slipping underneath the water. Parents can find devices to attach to faucet handles that will keep a toddler from turning on the water in a bathtub. It is also possible to find devices that control the temperature of the water to prevent burns from scalding hot water. At the same time, parents can look for formfitting foam devices that will fit over faucet spigots and handles to prevent bumps and bruises when a child falls in the bathtub.

Use Special Bathtub Toys

If your baby or toddler hates taking a bath, then you can make it fun by having special toys that float or make noise. Rubber ducks, plastic rings and tiny boats are excellent bathtub toys that will encourage your child to splash around in the bathtub so that she smells fresh and clean. You can also play games with your toddler or baby during a bath so that she is less fearful in the water.

Buy a Wading Pool for Your Backyard

It is easy to have outdoor water fun in your backyard with a wading pool, but make sure to supervise your child while he is playing in this item. Keep the wading pool in a garage or garden shed so that it won’t fill with rainwater. On a warm day, fill the wading pool with water early in the day so that the sun’s heat will warm the water by the afternoon. You must always watch your youngsters to makes sure that they don’t enter a wading pool without your supervision. Your toddler or baby will enjoy spending time in the wading pool as you remain nearby. If you have a timid child, then you can sit in the wading pool while holding your toddler or baby.

Taking Boating Trips with Your Child

You can help your child enjoy the water by going on boating trips. Both you and your child should wear life jackets while on any type of boat, and you should hold your toddler or baby firmly to prevent her from going overboard. Keep your child comfortable in the sunlight by making sure that she is wearing sunglasses, and also, protect her sensitive skin with sunscreen lotion that prevents burns from the ultraviolet light.

Bring Your Child to a Water Park

Find a local water park where your baby or toddler can enjoy bubbling wading pools and fun waterslides. If you want your child to go down a waterslide, then let him observe other children performing this activity. Hold your child in your lap as you travel down the slide, and keep her body out of the water when you land in the pool. As your child sees how fun this activity is, he may want to try it again while you wait at the bottom of the slide to capture him. It is important for children to learn how to swim so that they enjoy water activities while avoiding any injuries. You can call local community centers to learn if there are teachers who offer baby swimming lessons. If you have a large swimming pool at your home, then you can hire a private instructor who will provide lessons while you supervise.

Remember that it can take several months to teach your child to enjoy water activities, and during this time, you should continue to help your baby or toddler to remain safe around swimming pools and bathtubs.

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