4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Newborn

4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Newborn

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4 Easy Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Newborn

A newborn baby is a wonderful thing, but it can also create chaos if you aren’t prepared. Adjusting to the new routine, or lack of a routine, of a new baby can difficult. But there are a few things you can do before baby arrives to prepare your home for the precious bundle’s arrival.

1. Prepare Meals in Advance

The idea of being in the kitchen, cooking multiple meals that you’re not even eating right now may not sound appealing. But it can be worth it for the time you’ll save after the baby arrives. Alternatively, buy frozen meals that can be thrown in the oven or microwave. Get gift cards and menus (you can print them from websites) for local restaurants, or ask friends or family to help you out with a meal or two.

2. Create a Dark, Quiet Room for Baby

Babies often wake up during the night to be fed or changed, but you don’t want her waking up due to random headlights or loud noises. Put blackout curtains on the windows, and if you live in an urban or otherwise noisy area, consider putting a white noise machine in the nursery to cover those sounds. Stuffed animals that make soothing sounds are also a good option, though you’ll want to keep it out of the crib until baby is older.

3. Store Your Beautiful Things

If you have lots of sophisticated metal and glass furniture or decorative items, you know they’re beautiful but not particularly baby-friendly. As your child grows, however, the day will come when you can reintegrate those items into your home safely. In the meantime, move the items into a portable storage container or storage unit where they can’t be a danger to your new baby or endangered by your baby but aren’t gone forever.

4. Lock the House Down

Secure furniture that can tip and fall if the baby uses it to pull himself up. Put covers on electrical outlets and put cabinet locks and safety latches on cabinet doors and drawers.


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Get rid of magnets that can be swallowed or put them up out of reach. Get rid of dangling cords, and consider crawling around on the floor to look for potential hazards you might not see from your adult height.

A newborn may seem like the easiest stage to care for a child, but you’d be surprised at the changes a new baby will bring. Preparing in advance will help ease you into those changes, creating a smoother transition. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, either.

How To Prepare For A Newborn