Family Night: Top Tips for Activities Kids of Any Age Will Love

Family Night: Top Tips for Activities Kids of Any Age Will Love

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Family night with the kids is a great way to promote unity. Keeping the event fun for all ages can be a challenge. The wider the age range of the participants, the more difficult your task becomes. Consider these tips to keep family night lighthearted and entertaining.

Age Appropriate Activity

The wider the age gap between your children, the harder it is to find age-appropriate activates. Your challenge is to find something that will entertain everyone. While teenagers may cringe at sitting through a Disney movie, little guys are not ready for an X-box marathon. Board games, camping in the backyard, crafts, or dinner out may provide something for everyone.

Plan Ahead

Give everyone a heads up when to expect a family night. It allows older kids and adults to clear their calendars and the younger ones something to look forward to. Make sure everyone realizes that attendance is non-negotiable. Spend the time polling family members for activity suggestions and groundwork. Preparations may include reservations, purchasing snacks or games, or organizing the living room, backyard, dining or media room for activities.


Respect Family Time

Fun time is fun time. It is not cooking time unless that is your family’s preferred shared activity. It is not the time to clean, text, or pay bills. Order pizza, like that from Snappy Tomato Pizza, and eat off of paper plates. Worry about the bills another day. Devote your time to actively playing with the kids. Children enjoy time with parents the most when parents are fully engaged.

Let the Kid in You out

While it is important to teach children discipline and positive behavior, it is also important that they are allowed to be kids. Make family night a period of limited restrictions on play, laughter, and honest communication. If the behavior is respectful and safe, let go and have fun. Earn bonus points with your kids by remembering to smile and by making eye contact when they speak.

Prepare for Boredom

No matter how fun the activities, young children have short attention spans. Side projects can give toddlers a welcome change of pace. Projects like books, coloring, and pocket games can go with you anywhere. While the little ones play, older children and adults can continue with the primary activity. Best of all, you are still engaged in the same area. No one is left out and tension is kept to a minimum.

Family fun night is about reconnecting with the people you love the most. Make the most of it with age-appropriate activities. Complement the right activity by nurturing the right mindset and watch your family thrive!