How to Familiarize Toddlers with School and the Learning Process

Toddlers Learning

Starting kindergarten with no early introduction to school could be scary for a child. While your youngster is still a toddler, you can start to introduce the learning process. These four ideas will help you to familiarize your toddler with going to school.

Attending a Preschool Class

Look into the preschool options that are available to your child in the community. Your child may be able to participate in a private preschool program that takes place a couple of mornings or afternoons per week. These sessions usually take place over two or three hours, and most programs require that the child be potty-trained in order to participate. If private preschool is not an option, your community may offer a public Head Start program through the school district. Check out the programs at the community center or YMCA in your area. Many community centers offer free or low-cost toddler and preschool programs for young learners. Consider a toddler art class or a sports class. These classes allow your kids the opportunity to interact with other kids, follow simple instructions and move around.

Earning an Online Bachelor Degree

Another great way to demonstrate the learning process is to enroll in an online bachelor’s degree program. Your child will see you involved in the educational process and will understand that learning means reading, studying and doing different activities. Consider an online bachelor’s degree in childhood education. This type of a program will provide you with information to help your child learn. You can try out the different techniques and strategies about childhood education and see how your own toddler responds to the different ideas. 

Going to Library Story Times

Going to library story time is a great introduction to the learning process and a setting that is similar to a kindergarten classroom. During a toddler story time session, a librarian will read a selection of child-friendly picture and word books. Many story times feature music, singing and art or writing. The librarian may also have hands-on activities such as puppets or felt boards. These sessions usually last for 20 to 45 minutes, which is ideal for a child’s short attention span. After story time is over, stay at the library and choose some recommended books, show your child how to use the children’s software on the computers or explore the children’s section.

Visiting Siblings at School

If you have an older child already in school, contact the teacher to see if there is a time when you can bring your toddler in to see the classroom. Many schools welcome planned visits. You may even be able to eat lunch in the cafeteria. If you do not have any older children to visit at a school, consider calling your neighborhood school and asking about a visit. The school administrators may be able to accommodate your request at specific times by appointment. Some school districts also offer an “intro to kindergarten” type of day. These events give preschool children the opportunity to climb onto the school bus, go through the cafeteria line, hang their coats in a cubby and sit on a chair at a table or desk and listen to the teacher speak for a few minutes. You may even be able to register your child for preschool while attending one of these fun events.

A gentle introduction to school and the learning process will get your toddler excited about school. These different opportunities allow your child to explore a variety of learning situations. Being able to attend these fun learning activities with your child also helps your child to remain confident and to interact with the educator and his or her peers.

How to Familiarize Toddlers with School and the Learning Process

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