Dissertations on Premature Babies

One of my lifetime goals is to obtain my Master’s Degree. In fact, I already know that I want my topic for my dissertation writing thesis paper to be about premature infants with an emphasis on Necrotizing Enterocolitis. I would obviously use my personal twins’ story as an example and then the data I’ve collected in my NEC study.

When I was in school, I didn’t have the luxury of the internet so I’ll probably be glad that I waited. The internet not only provides a wealth of information on premature infants, but also provides dissertation examples to see exactly how to write a thesis paper!

If I came up short on words, I could include any of the other complications preemies face or how much it cost to raise a preemie. Although that topic could change into a whole finance dissertation!

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Kim Rowley is the mother of preemie twin daughters, Macy and Mallory, born January 27th, 1994 over 13 weeks early weighing 2 pounds each. She calls them her "million dollar miracle babies." Follow Kim on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.