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Custom Clothing Labels – Stand Out From The Crowd

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We’re all different, and that is what makes life so interesting, fresh and invigorating. But then suddenly there are rules, regulations, uniforms and dress codes to abide by, and then there is a risk of losing that sense of individualism. You know that your kids will be required to wear a uniform of course, and there are very good reasons why they do, but your children are all different, all have different interests, ideas and dreams etc. so the difficulty is ensuring that they are still allowed to express this, whilst of course conforming to the rules.

What’s more is that you want to be sure that the clothes that you send them off to school or play with all come back to the house when they do – the answer to this problem of how to ensure that personalities are not discouraged, but that practicalities are also met and satisfied – easy, custom clothing labels. Here we look at the subject of custom clothing labels and how something as simple as a “name tag” can change a tired, uniform, almost dull piece of clothing, into something wonderful, cherished, cared for and moreover, kept! Kids will always throw things around, put things down, and confuse belongings with another child, especially if everything looks the same – but that doesn’t have to mean disaster or another trip to the shops. All of that added hassle and indeed expense can be avoided by the use of simple, dare we say cool, individual and practical custom clothing labels. Labels can be as simple to apply as a stamp or iron on, but the moment they adorn the piece of clothing, it goes from being a standard piece of uniform to being a treasured possession, and one that is clearly identified as belonging to your particular child!

Standing Out

Of course there are times to fit in – you need to stick to the rules. But at the same time it is still possible for your child to stand out. Labels can be as simple as a name, but then there are the colours to choose and the special characters or patterns that turn them from practical to fun.

What’s more, labels can be durable and last as long as the items of clothing themselves (if not longer). So if those PE shorts need regular washing, and let’s face it of course they will, then the label will stay as fresh as the day of application and probably outlive the shorts themselves.

Whilst you may think that the idea of custom clothing labels means more work for you, think of the following saying – you need to invest to gain reward. Yes of course there is a little initial time applying the labels to the clothes, but the process itself really isn’t hard. Thereafter think of all of that time that you can save by not having to look through multiple jumpers to find your child’s, only look for their specific label. Even better, by customising the labels, even names that are more popular won’t cause you a problem because your items will all be individual to your child – they may be one of 5 children called Oliver, but the only one who has a picture of a tiger on his label!


Custom labels turn everyday ordinary pieces of uniform into individual bespoke items of clothing. They can be designed to match your child’s personality, interests and sense of fun, as well as have their name. They’re not on show either so you won’t get into any problems in terms of uniform dress code. This “hidden” label will give your child both a sense of ownership and also a feeling of responsibility – the meaning behind the label can also be their little secret to share with their best friends only too.

So rather than losing the shirt of their back, you can ensure that all of their clothes remain in their possession. Whether they board, live in a shared house, or play a lot of sport, custom labels are a great way of ensuring that their property no longer finds itself in the “lost-property” box in the changing rooms – and that has to be a good thing!

Labels ensure that the money you spend on their clothes is well spent, and makes sure that the clothes remain in their possession for the life cycle of each garment – practical and moneywise too! Encourage their personalities to come out, design the labels together and that way you’ll heighten their sense of empowerment and responsibility. In other words they’ll be gaining important life lessons at the same time – all from a label!

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