Telltale Signs Saying That You Should See a Couples Counselor

couples counselor

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Are you going through a rocky marriage?

You might feel your relationship is heading toward divorce. However, the ongoing health crisis makes divorce tougher.

Before considering one, talking to a couples counselor is your best bet. How can you tell if you already need to see one? Continue reading below for telltale signs you need marriage counseling.

You Fight Too Often

Fighting too often is a sign you need to see a couples counselor. When you rarely have positive conversations, you always end up arguing. As you bicker, you slowly kill the goodwill existing between the two of you.

Bickering is a sign of deeper issues left unaddressed with your partner. In this case, couples counseling can help reveal and resolve them.

Old Issues Keep Recurring

Old recurring issues in fights also need proper intervention. These are sensitive issues you can’t seem to resolve.

Couples counseling can help find the root of these issues. The counselor can create a safe space. You and your partner can voice out your opinions without fighting.

You Don’t Agree About Sex

Arguing often about sex is another reason to see a marriage counselor. The lack of intimacy is one of the most common reasons for divorce. Intimacy can dwindle the longer you let the problem linger.

When you no longer feel interested in sexual intimacy, your spouse may develop resentment. Intimacy can also go beyond the sexual aspect. Couples may also lack emotional intimacy.

It often makes you indifferent about your partner. You stop caring whenever your spouse feels upset. You no longer desire to be with them.

Through therapy, you can regain an essential factor in a healthy relationship.

Infidelity Issues

Unfaithfulness is another sign you need to talk to a couples counselor. Infidelity is a problem coming from a deep reason. Often, loneliness is the trigger.

When women don’t respect their husbands, the latter becomes unfaithful. Women who don’t feel their husbands’ affection lead them to seek another.

Marriage therapy allows both parties to explain the infidelity. You can tackle the issues leading to the act and save your marriage.

How to Choose a Couples Counselor

Finding the right counselor is crucial to ensure your marriage therapy success. Find a therapist specializing in couples therapy. Ensure they have the license to practice in your state.

Also, talk to at least three therapists over the phone.

Ask where they completed their education and training. How many cases involved couples? What’s the batting average of the couples they helped in the past?

Most importantly, find a therapist you feel comfortable with.

Strengthen Your Relationship Today

Talking to a couples counselor can resolve your recurring marriage issues. It can save your marriage through proper mediation.

However, your marriage is not the only relationship to improve. Think about your connection with your children, boss, and colleagues. Learn how to build stronger relationships soon.

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