7 Keys To Building A Successful Family Life

7 Keys To Building A Successful Family Life

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7 Keys To Building A Successful Family Life

Life isn’t always easy, but it’s certainly more fun when you have the support of your nearest and dearest behind you. There are ways to make your bond stronger with your loved ones so you can all get to a better place together, whatever situation you find yourselves in.

What you don’t want to do is give up trying and settle when you know there are areas you can improve upon if you put in an extra effort. Focus on the positives and work each day to make each other’s lives easier. Remember at the end of the day you’re a team and should support one another in your endeavors.

Practice Open, Clear & Respectful Communication

How you talk to one another has an impact on your attitudes toward your loved ones and how you treat your family members. Try your best to always keep your communication open, clear and respectful so you can get your point across and have a mature discussion. You will build a successful family life when you’re forthcoming and honest in your delivery. Be careful not to let your emotions take over and get the best of you, especially in an already heated or difficult situation or conversation.

Reward your Children for Good Behavior

Raising kids is challenging, but it’s likely also one of your favorite responsibilities and daily jobs. Build a successful family life by rewarding your kids for good behavior, instead of always catching them when they’re acting out of line. Reinforce when they complete their chores or treat each other with respect by offering up surprises like going out to dinner or giving them Willow Bears. These are bears they can collect over time as they continue to behave going forward. Remember that you’ll get a lot further along when you reward good habits than when you only point out when they’re misbehaving.  

Spend Quality Time Together

It’s not enough to see each other in passing as you’re getting ready for work and school. You need to schedule quality time together as a family unit to enjoy each other’s company and get to know one another better. For example, have a regular movie and game night or go to the park to play in the evenings or on the weekends. Make sure everyone is able to join and that it’s truly a time meant only for your family members. Clear your calendar of your obligations and remind your kids that there are many other days when they can play with their friends. Spend more time as a family, and you’ll likely witness your relationships start to grow and flourish.

Pick your Battles

Know there are going to be arguments and fights at times within your family. While you don’t want this to become a regular occurrence, it’s healthy to get your frustrations off your chest and work through disagreements. What’s most important for building a successful family life is that you pick your battles wisely. It’s not a good idea to let every little annoyance get you down, or you’ll likely walk around feeling quite pessimistic all the time. Keep in mind your values and morals when trying to help you decipher what’s worth fighting for and what you should simply let go. Realize some days will be easier than others and that you, your kids and your spouse aren’t perfect.

Eat Dinner as A Group

Your family life will improve when you sit down and eat dinner together regularly. It is a great time to hear about each other’s days, laugh as a group and talk through any pressing issues. Use mealtime as a chance for your kids to pitch in with some of the chores and either help you cook the meal or set the table. Eating dinner as a family will bring you all closer together, and you’ll naturally grow a tighter bond as time goes on. While you’re not going to be able to eat around the table every night because of your busy schedules, you should try to do so at least a few times a week and on the weekends if you want to get the most out of this ritual.

Go on Family Vacations

Being a family isn’t all about responsibilities and getting your chores done on time. It’s also about smiling and having fun with each other. Traveling as a unit is another great way to help you build a successful family life. You all work hard and deserve a break once in a while to simply relax and enjoy each other’s company. Make it a point to sit down and plan the trip as a family, so everyone feels like they have a voice when it comes to where you go and what you do. Once you’re at your destination, make it a point to get good sleep, unplug and enjoy the moment and not let small mishaps stress you out. Use this time to hang out with the ones you love and create everlasting memories together.

Put Your Marriage First

Your family life will have a more solid foundation when your marriage is strong between you and your spouse. You can accomplish this goal by always putting your marriage first. Jobs will come and go, your kids will grow older, and you’ll likely move houses more than a few times. Don’t let these changes rock your marriage or get the best of you as you transition throughout the years. Communicate, express your love for one another and always be on the same page about where you’re at and heading next. Having a good relationship between you and your spouse will also be healthy for your kids to witness as they grow up and get married themselves.


Use these suggestions to put you on the right path to building the family life you always dreamed of. Remember not to let pettiness get in your way of growing a deeper bond with your loved ones. Take note of what’s going well and areas for improvement as you embark on this journey to strengthening your family unit.