Compression Stockings for Pregnant Mothers

Compression Stockings For Pregnant Mothers

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During pregnancy, especially high-risk pregnancies such as carrying multiples, women may experience many changes to their bodies. Pregnancy can add pressure to the veins and legs causing circulatory symptoms such as swelling, spider veins and varicose veins.

Compression Stockings

Maternity stockings / compression hosiery addresses these circulatory symptoms that are most prominent in ankles and lower legs by increasing blood flow from the legs back to the heart. Maternity compression stockings control swelling in ankles, spider veins and varicose veins that occur during pregnancy.

Compression Stockings For Pregnant Mothers

Maternity hose support stockings feature materials that are knit with specially covered yarns for added softness, stretchiness and moisture-heat management. An expandable body section fits your body as your pregnancy progresses.

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Some tips for healthier veins during pregnancy include elevating your legs above the level of your heart while you rest, avoid long periods of standing or sitting, take breaks and do some healthy leg exercises. Also avoid tight-fitting undergarments and hot temperatures, such as hot baths, sauna and sunbathing.

How Compression Socks Work For Varicose Veins