Childproofing Tips: 4 Mainstays Every New Mother Needs for Her Nursery

Childproofing Tips: 4 Mainstays Every New Mother Needs for Her Nursery

Your bundle of joy has arrived, and the nursery is all ready with a crib, rocking chair and changing table. Although newborns are relatively easy to control in a nursery environment, they’ll soon be scooting and crawling their way around the house. Childproofing the nursery now is a smart idea so that it’s not overlooked later on. Explore these four mainstays that every mom needs for the nursery.

Plug the Outlets

A mainstay that should never be forgotten is plugging every electrical outlet in the nursery that’s not in use. Although some access points may seem entirely out of reach, such as bathroom counter outlets, your baby will quickly grow. Use approved plugs that fit snugly into the holes. The plugs should be slightly difficult for you to remove, which tells you that your baby won’t have a chance to explore these dangerous areas.

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Altering the Window Treatments

Shade pulls are one of the most dangerous items in a baby’s room. Look for window treatments that have no pulls or strings. There are specialized designs made just for the nursery. By keeping these tantalizing pulls away from the baby, accidents and strangulation can be avoided.

Arranging and Securing Nursery Furniture

Childproofing the room also means that it must be safe for mom and dad to move around. A parent who trips on something while holding the baby can be dangerous to the child and the adult. Some companies, like Pali, know that you should fold and secure strollers to the side, and bolt baby-changing tables to the wall. In fact, bolting most furniture to the wall keeps the nursery safe when babies start to pull and climb their way through the home.

Think Like a Child

Remove items that look like temptations to the child. Crib bumpers used to be standard nursery items, but today they’re seen as step ladders for curious babies. Remove any artwork that’s within baby’s reach as it hangs above the crib. Your agile child may be able to grab and pull that item down with no problem in just a few months. Getting down to the child’s level allows you to see the world through his or her eyes.

Aside from keeping up with childproofing processes, be aware of any recalls on the products in the nursery. Defective cribs, diaper pails, and other items have strict regulations that require immediate notification if repairs or recalls are necessary. By being a diligent parent, you’ll keep your baby safe from harm as he or she grows into a toddler and child.

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