Big Kids: How To Teach Independence To Your Toddler

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Congratulations! You are now the parent of a proud toddler and you might be curious as to how you can teach independence without going overboard. You want your child to become one of the big kids because you know it will be an asset that can be carried well into adulthood, but you want to be safe as well. You also might be interested in fostering independence in your toddler to help give yourself some well-deserved rest after caring for a needy infant for over a year. Read on below to consider five great ways you can foster independence in your toddler.

Give your toddler plenty of opportunities to make choices. By allowing your toddler to take charge of some of the decisions in life, you are helping them develop the habit of thinking independently. For example, you can ask your child which breakfast cereal they would like. Allow your toddler to point to the box. However, be careful not to overwhelm your child with choices. Simply provide two options that you approve. Then, allow your toddler to make the selection.

Yes, assigning your child small chores around the house can help foster independence. The reason is, because young children crave structure and patterns. If your toddler knows their job is to carry the lunch plate to the sink every afternoon, they will soon start to do so without being asked! A routine of small chores is great for fostering independence in toddlers. The trick is to keep the chores small, manageable, and exercise patience while your toddler begins to learn to start doing them automatically.

Utilize Other Adults
Helping your toddler become comfortable with adults that are not their primary caregivers is a great way to foster independence. Over time, introduce them to other loving adults while you sit on the sidelines. These adults can be relatives, the baby center at a gym, or even a visit to a kid’s dentist in Edmonton. Have them go with you to the hairdressers or a dentist offer like Westmount Dental Centre to greet the receptionist with you. Over time, your child with be able to cope with new surroundings and people with relative ease, a great sign of independence.

Solo Play
Provide your toddler with an amount of time each day where they are responsible for entertaining themselves. This shouldn’t be done with electronics or media. Instead, supply your child with a few stimulating toys and board books. Allow them to entertain themselves with the material for a set amount of time.

Finally, be sure to show your toddler plenty of love during your together time. They will be much more independent knowing they have a safe and loving parent to come back to!