Baby-Proof Carpet Cleaning Methods

Installing carpet tiles with a baby on the way may have seemed like a good idea at first. Sure, the carpet would protect the baby from the harsh wooden floors and even cushion him when he falls. In truth, having your baby crawl around on the surface of a carpet may be doing him more harm than good.

Studies have shown that carpets have become a hot bed for bacteria, mold spores and mildew. It’s because the fibers of a carpet make cleaning difficult. A lot of time dirt is hidden between the fibers to where a vacuum or broom cannot reach them. And overtime you child walks or crawls over a carpet they are exposed to these elements.

Another problem arises when you try and clean your carpet. You may opt to clean it yourself using store-brought cleaners or hire professionals. Either way, you are still putting your child at risk. Here are some negative effects of cleaning your carpet in a conventional way:

    • Chemicals in the cleaners may be left behind in the carpet and eventually come into contact with your baby’s sensitive skin, causing irritation.

    • Left over shampoo used in carpet cleaning make the fibers of the carpet sticky. This makes it easier for dirt and grime to accumulate.
    • If not properly dried, a wet carpet becomes a source or mold and mildew.
    • Chemicals used in commercial cleaners emit fumes that can irritate the respiratory system.

With these hazards, it looks like getting rid of your entire carpet may be better than living with it. For those who still think that installing carpet tiles is perfect, it’s not the end of the world. There are ways to clean and maintain your carpet without the need to use toxic chemicals that can harm your baby.

Vacuum Regularly. Vacuum your carpet at least twice a week to stop the dirt from accumulating. Make sure to open some windows to promote air circulation. Also, try sweeping the carpet with a stiff broom to help loosen the grime. Remember to clean out the vacuum bag when it’s two-thirds of the way full. This way, you don’t have dust from the vacuum making its way back to your carpet.

Look Inside Your Pantry For Cleaning Products. It may sound weird, but cleaning solvents can be found inside your very own pantry. Grab some vinegar and water and use this to clean stains. Use club soda to deodorize your carpet. Baking soda can also be used to clean your carpet. Just pour it over a stain and leave it overnight. The next day, bring out the vacuum and pass it over the stained area.

Try Steam Cleaning. Steam cleaning is a great alternative to the conventional methods of cleaning a carpet. Use a steam cleaner and fill it with water. Don’t add any other chemicals or shampoo. The heat emitted would be enough to sanitize your carpet. You can pour some vinegar to clean more effectively.

Prevention is Better than Cure. Another way of keeping your carpet clean is by preventing dirt to enter your home. Avoid bringing shoes inside and instead go barefoot or wear some socks. Also, keep your stroller away from the carpet as its wheels can be caked with dirt. If you are planning on renovating your home, make sure to cover your carpet with newspaper or plastic sheeting beforehand.

Go Green. If you really need to use an industrial cleaner, read the labels carefully. There are already a lot of products out there that are chemical-free and safe to use. Look for plant-based cleaners or those that advertise to be environment friendly. This goes the same for carpet cleaning companies. Ask if their supplies are eco-friendly and safe for infants and small children.

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